Thursday, October 13, 2011

10/16 Reminder

ELE-nin reaches perigee this Sunday-Monday (Oct 16-17). The reminder for you is, the Japan earthquake on 3/11/2011 occurred while another comet 2000 PN9 was at earth perigee. Volcanoes are starting to pop left and right which is a primary indicator of stress on the earth's core. El Hierro in the Canary islands is very active and another volcano in Iceland now looks like its going active.

Stress on the earth means we could see earthquakes in addition to volcanic eruptions. So what you ask? We must be ready to meet the Lord today. What happens when major earthquakes and volcanoes go off? Some people don't see the face of the earth the day after. We must be ready to stay here on earth patiently waiting for our Lord and we must be ready to leave tonight to meet Him in the sky. Nobody guaranteed any of us that we will see tomorrow on this earth. Right? So we need to be ready.

What is the Lord saying to us today? I know what He has impressed upon me. Keep the faith. Return to the fundamentals of the faith. Love, be thankful, pray, stay in the Word. Do those things that a wise servant would do when they expect their Lord to appear any minute.

We may have a long time to live like this. Torn between the apparent imminent return of the Lord and the agonizing delay that results in mercy and grace towards those being brought into the kingdom at the last moment. We must keep the Word of His patience (Rev 3:10).

It is likely that nothing out of the ordinary will happen on or around 10/16, at least thats what probability tells us. The warnings all around us tell us that although probability is against it, we better be prepared for the possibility of world changing events any moment now.

Keep the faith. Remain patient, but be ready and watching for the Lord's return. Not because this writer is hitting keys on a keyboard, but because the Word of God is overflowing with warnings to mankind in these last wicked days.....The Lord God Almighty IS coming back; for His true church in love and mercy, and for this wicked world in vengeance and fury.

Grace and peace