Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, today (whether you are American or not) we can give thanks for what the Lord has done for us.  I try to do this every day but today I can officially do it :P

Surely the Lord has done something for all of us we can be thankful for.

give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

Please take a moment out of your day today, and thank the Lord for something.  That is His will for us...

May the Lord bless you and keep you, may His face shine upon you and may He grant you peace.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Its All About His Promises

The Lord gave me this awhile ago but I have been dragging and forgetting to put it up, here it is:

We can read this a hundred times and blow right past some really critical points:

2 Peter 1:3His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. 4Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature, having escaped the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.

This one statement "you may participate in the divine nature"is like a giant eggroll with almost the entire bible stuffed inside.  How so?  It means so you can be like the Lord, so you can think like Him and act like Him, etc.  That's what we are trying to do right?  We are one with Christ/in Christ.

... so we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.

We are in Christ and we are called to walk as He did.

1 John 2:6

He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked.

Ok, we get all that ^^ right?  Nothing new there.  What is so easy to blow right over without picking it up is this:

he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature

How do we participate in the divine nature?  How do we become like our Lord?  Through His promises.......Yes, He had to bring that to my attention.  Who among us really believes what the Lord has told us?  About what?  Well, He has promised us many things but what got me thinking along this track when the Lord dropped this on me is how some people become more like the Lord, they have more of His nature and some people do not.  Some people see more miracles and some see none.  Why, why why???!!!  Who believes the promises, who roots them down inside them deep and never lets them go no matter what?  Who hangs onto the promises till death do they part?  Those people become like Christ our Lord and naturally see more power in their life.

he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature

So what?  So we, all of us, need answers to prayer every day.  This brother cannot make it out the front door some days without divine assistance.  I need Him all the time every day and so do most of you.  We need answers which means we need power working on our behalf.  Who has more power working in their life, the person that has more of the divine nature (more like Christ) or the person with less of the divine nature (less like Christ)?  No brainer right?  How do we become more like Him?  Through those promises....

Prov 2 1My son, if you will receive my words, and lay up my commandments with you;
2So that you incline your ear unto wisdom, and apply your heart to understanding;
3Yea, if you cry after knowledge, and lift up your voice for understanding;
4If you seek her as silver, and search for her as for hid treasures;
5Then shall you understand the fear of the LORD, and find the knowledge of God.
6For the LORD gives wisdom: out of his mouth comes knowledge and understanding.
7He lays up sound wisdom for the righteous: he is a shield to them that walk uprightly.
8He keeps the paths of justice, and preserves the way of his saints.
9Then shall you understand righteousness, and justice, and equity; yea, every good path.
10When wisdom enters into your heart, and knowledge is pleasant unto your soul;
11Discretion shall preserve you, understanding shall keep you:
12To deliver you from the way of the evil man, from the man that speaks perverse things;
13Who leave the paths of uprightness, to walk in the ways of darkness;
14Who rejoice to do evil, and delight in the perverseness of the wicked;
15Whose ways are crooked, and who are perverse in their paths:

He is telling us to store up His commands within us ^^, then what?

5Then shall you understand the fear of the LORD, and find the knowledge of God.

Its all about His promises.  We enter into Christ and we remain there (which is what "saved" means, we are "in Christ" and remain there (John 15).

What prompted me to write this?  Other than the fact that the Lord gave it to me and kept reminding me to put it up so He could give me something else, the fact that I/we need prayers answered.  We need miracles, we need POWER.  Not just words, not just hot air, we need answers.  There is only one way to get that power and brings those answers and it is those promises, laying hold of them by faith and never letting them go, till death do us part.

I have one source for answers and power in my life, that is our Father in heaven, our Lord Jesus Christ and the precious Holy Spirit who are all one.  This makes things easy because I have no where else to turn.  If we give up on the Lord, where else do we have to turn?  This merciless and cruel world?  No thanks...I, and I pray we will lay hold of those promises with every fiber of our being, with every ounce of strength and keep on holding onto them till Jesus comes back or we do outa this place.

Hold on, fight (spiritually), make war (spiritually) and do........not.........quit!

Time is testing all of us, and many will not survive the test.  Those who hold on till the end will make it.  As we lay hold of His promises we become more like Him, and more power enters our life.  As more power enters our life we lay more claim to the promises and we become more like Him, and more power enters our life, etc, etc.

Bottom line here is we must have answers to prayer and that requires laying hold of His promises by faith.  Doing this, makes us more like Him and completes (progressively) our mission here on earth.  We are sons and daughters of the Almighty, becoming more like Him every day.  Glory to God.

grace and peace

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Blood Moons and Fall 2015

I forget what I was doing a few days ago when I was thinking about the lunar tetrad and what they mean.  Clearly the Lord spoke into my head "they are building up to something."  Thats it.  No one of the blood moons is special in itself, they are all four building up to something at the end.  That end is in the fall of 2015.

I have lost track of the number of warning signs and signals all pointing to next Sept/Oct time-frame.  Apparently this world is in for something that is really not good.  So what?  So, we cannot say we were not warned.  And why does the Lord warn us?  So we can be circumspect in our walk with Him.  So we can look at this world and everything that is happening around us from a different perspective.  Many things are coming to an end and some things are just beginning and all of it (or most of it) involves severe tribulation for this world.

The Lord uses the word tribulation in different contexts in His Word but in general it means a hard road for those walking on it.

... There will be tribulation and distress for every human being
who does evil, the Jew first and also the Greek 

The homosexual agenda and the absolute sickening level of sexual content everywhere we look around us begs for redress.  This past week a muslim imam said the opening blessing in the capital building in the United States.  Problem?  You bet it is.  This country was not founded on muslim values or muslim ethics or muslim people of any sort or fashion.  This country was founded on Christian ideals and ethics and value by Christian men and women.  That is a historical fact that can in no way be tainted or altered by those who would dilute and destroy us.

The Lord will not be mocked.  His kingdom is coming....and the wicked should tremble.  The entire tribulation is about payback and setting things right.  While we patiently wait for this setting things aright time, we can watch the signs of its coming in the heavens.  We are halfway through the lunar tetrad and the events surrounding us promise destruction that makes the ears tingle.  Next fall is the culmination of these lunar signs in the sky, then we will see what the Lord has in store for this world.

In fact, we already know the "what" as it is clearly spelled out for us by the prophets and in the book of Revelation.  The question is "when" and these lunar eclipses hint at a time not so far away.  As always we will wait patiently and watch the unfolding of the Lord's plan to set things right.  Only a fool would want the events of the tribulation to be upon them but I have to say I am not sad at the prospect of the wickedness of this world being shoved back down the wicked's throat instead of being forced upon us.  Are any of you tired of having sexual perversions of every flavor force fed to you?  Are you tired yet of the anti-Christ culture and growing boldness of the enemy attacking everything we stand for?  I hate all of it.  This world and the things of this world are coming to an end, THANK GOD.

Every good story has an antagonist and some kind of big problem that has to be worked through in order for the story to hold our attention.  We are living through just such a story.  In the end, we will rule the nations with our God, with a rod of iron....

Rev 2.26And he that overcomes, and keeps my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations:
27And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to pieces: even as I received of my Father.

That rod of iron will deal with the things that distress us today, we just have to be patient.  Glory to God.

grace and peace

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Rewards and Punishment

Rev 2 22  if they may not repent of their works, 23and her children I will kill in death, and know shall all the assemblies that I am he who is searching reins and hearts; and I will give to you — to each — according to your works24‘And to you I say, and to the rest who are in Thyatira, as many as have not this teaching, and who did not know the depths of the Adversary, as they say; I will not put upon you other burden; 25but that which ye have — hold ye, till I may come; 26and he who is overcoming, and who is keeping unto the end my works, I will give to him authority over the nations, 27and he shall rule them with a rod of iron — as the vessels of the potter they shall be broken — as I also have received from my Father; 28and I will give to him the morning star29He who is having an ear — let him hear what the Spirit saith to the assemblies.

It is important to understand what our works get us.  Too many preachers and teachers downplay the importance of our works.  What does the Lord say?  "and I will give to you — to each — according to your works"  In this case He is talking about giving out punishment and He says He will kill their children off.  Anyone who has kids can understand what this is.  Our most prized possessions, the dearest objects of our heart will be ripped away.  That's what the Lord is talking about here, depending on our works.  I suppose we should be paying more attention to our works...

On the other hand, what does the Lord say?

26and he who is overcoming, and who is keeping unto the end my works, I will give to him authority over the nations, 27and he shall rule them with a rod of iron — as the vessels of the potter they shall be broken — as I also have received from my Father; 28and I will give to him the morning star

Those of us who do His will to the end, who overcome will rule the nations with a rod of iron.  Notice the plural here, not nation but nations.  Unlike the politicians of our day who have a million different things to worry about, we will have few things to worry about.  We will not be voted out of office, there will be no secret overthrow of our reign, there will be no possible way for the brightest or strongest of all the nations to circumvent our authority.  We will rule them with a rod of iron....THANKS BE TO GOD.

Our Lord lays out a convincing case for what we get depending on our works.  Do works matter?  You bet they do.  What kind of works are we talking about?  Well, what has the Lord told us to do?  Let the Spirit be your guide but what stands out to me, what has been impressed on this writer's heart are faith and obedience.  These are the "works" our Lord has impressed me the most with.  If we are walking and talking with our God daily, in a loving and faithful relationship, should we be looking over our shoulders in fear of our Lord's retribution?  It seems to me that during our daily walking and talking the Lord is going to bring up areas we need to get cleaned up.  The Lord has made Himself very clear with this writer about things He is not please with.  I know without a doubt when there is a problem and something needs to go, He does not fool around with these things and I do not have to wonder whether or not He wants something to go.  It is made crystal clear, that has been His dealing with me. 

This should have some applicability to you as well.  Where is the law or the doctrine against a simple faith in Christ and walking in obedience with Him?  How will we be ashamed if we are daily bringing our burdens and questions and faith and requests to Him?  He is a God who speaks to His people whether people realize it or not.  We are not talking about an audible voice here, we are talking about the infinitely different ways He has of communicating with us.  

The Lord does speak to us through impressions on the heart, through leaping Words off the pages of the Bible, through other people, through circumstances of all different kinds.  Surely He is a God who speaks.  To give you an example of something weird, the other night I was watching that show "the Voice" where Taylor Swift is a guest helping out the judges.  She was talking to one of the contestants when she said something to the effect that "if you are just coasting, you are backsliding."  Those were not the exact words but my ears perked right up and my heart instantly turned to the Lord.  She actually used the word backsliding.  Taylor Swift speaking the mind of God to people?  I am sure she had no idea what she was saying to me personally.  Anyhow, that is one tiny example of the manifold ways our Lord has of communicating with His people.  It can be anyone, anything, anyhow and He can get His message through to those with ears to hear what the Spirit is saying.

The punishments are devastating, and the rewards are awe inspiring.  Our works count, but the real lesson here (in this writer's mind) comes back to daily communion, walking and talking with our Lord in complete obedience.  If there are things that need to be cleaned up in our life, lets clean them up.  Ask the Lord for what you need.  Walk with Him.  Talk with Him.  This is not about 8 hour marathon prayer sessions on your knees, I am talking about moment to moment communion with Him.  This walking and talking with the Lord has been a continual emphasis with this writer over 2014.  Be a man (or woman) who walks with God, and do whatever good your hands find to do.

grace and peace

Tuesday, November 04, 2014


This one ties in with what was posted yesterday (become ye ready).

MArk 13.33Take heed, watch and pray, for ye have not known when the time is; 34as a man who is gone abroad, having left his house, and given to his servants the authority, and to each one his work, did command also the porter that he may watch35watch ye, therefore, for ye have not known when the lord of the house doth come, at even, or at midnight, or at cock-crowing, or at the morning; 36lest, having come suddenly, he may find you sleeping; 37and what I say to you, I say to all, Watch.’

The number one issue the mid-trib, post-trib and pre-wrath folks fall on the sword on is this one right here.  Watch...Tied in with this is Luke 21 which also tells us to watch always and pray.  According to the 'other' tribulation theories, Words like Mark 13.33-36 are nonsense.  According to their manmade doctrine there is no reason to watch always as our Lord (according to them) cannot come back before x,y,z happens.

The problem with those who tell you not to bother to watch for the Lord every day is by the time they find out they were wrong it will be too late.  Or do they not take the Lord at His Word on any point, including what the Lord said over and over about this:

watch ye, therefore, for ye have not known when the lord of the house doth come, at even, or at midnight, or at cock-crowing, or at the morning; 36lest, having come suddenly, he may find you sleeping;

He is coming suddenly without advance notice.  lest, having come suddenly, he may find you sleeping;

That means the Lord shows up and oops, it was sudden, a surprise and they have been teaching people for years it could not happen.

I have a question, who among men knows with 100% certainty that their understanding of the book of Revelation, the Words of the prophets, and everything about the rapture are absolutely positively 100% correct?  I will tell you that there are many things I do not understand and still require the Lord's guidance.  There are mysteries wrapped up in mysteries that leave me scratching my head.

So, when there are things in the Word that a.  we do not have 100% certainty on and b.  are very important, what do we do?  Focus on the things we do have certainty on and ask the Lord for guidance on the rest.

What are we certain about?  The Lord told us to watch.  For what?  We are certain we are to watch FOR HIM.

watch ye, therefore, for ye have not known when the lord of the house doth come

They are watching for the Lord ^^^.....

Again, there is no doctrine, and no wisdom and no superior argument that can in any way trump a continual, daily watching for the Lord.  What is your obedience like if  the Lord could return today?  What is your walk with Him like if the Lord could return today? What petty sins will you do away with if the Lord could return today?

Remember, the Lord teaches continual watching for Him, this is not something brother D dreamed up.  Does this teaching perfect holiness, faith and obedience?  You bet it does.  And where is the argument against that?

Remember Occam's razor:
The most useful statement of the principle for scientists is
"when you have two competing theories that make exactly the same predictions, the simpler one is the better.

How simple is it for us to live in faith and obedience because our Lord told us to watch for Him continually so we do it (because He told us to).

Give us each day our daily bread

We walk our walk with the Lord day by day.  The truth is, I cannot think of a higher honor for any man or woman than this:  after they leave this earth it can be said "they were a man or woman who walked with God."
If the Lord said to watch for Him, all the time, that is not something I am uncertain about.  Because I am certain of what He meant I must do it....

Why is this important at a time like this?  The distractions and travail this world is going through will only get worse.  With more distraction comes more temptation to take our eyes off of the one thing that matters:

Luke 21:34“Be careful, or your hearts will be weighed down with carousing, drunkenness and the anxieties of life, and that day will close on you suddenly like a trap. 35For it will come on all those who live on the face of the whole earth. 36Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man.”

What is this one thing that matters?

Luke 10. 41“Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, 42but few things are needed—or indeed only one.f Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.”

Mary was sitting at the Lord's feet....

grace and peace

Monday, November 03, 2014

Become Ye Ready

MAtt 24:42Watch ye therefore, because ye have not known in what hour your Lord doth come; 43and this know, that if the master of the house had known in what watch the thief doth come, he had watched, and not suffered his house to be broken through; 44because of this also ye, become ye ready, because in what hour ye do not think, the Son of Man doth come.

This ^^ really sums up the heart of what the Lord has been getting at with me for some time.  Become ye ready.....

Why not write about all the things the devil is doing in the world, all his threats and plans?  They don't really matter.  Why not?  The devil has wanted to kill all of us, all the time, from the very beginning.  So whats new?

Why not write about the signs all around us of the Lord's arrival?  Earthquakes are still singing away, volcanoes are popping off by the dozen, fish and birds continue to die off by the millions why not write about it?  Because we already know what is coming, we have beat that horse to death.  That, and the Spirit of the Lord told me to stop.

Everybody knows what is coming, the Lord could not have been more clear.  The million dollar question is when?

When will all these things happen?  We do not know.  It appears that it is enough for us to know we are in the season when these things will happen.  Knowing we are in the season, the rational and prudent will prepare.  Prepare for what?  The presence of the Lord.  We do not need to argue over the rapture or the second coming, how nice!  What we absolutely must do at all costs is "become ready."  Why?

44because of this also ye, become ye ready, because in what hour ye do not think, the Son of Man doth come.

Because the Son of Man doth come and we have no idea on what day He is going to show up.  Fact is, we do not need to know.  What know He is coming and we know we need to prepare for His arrival.  I do not know for sure if I personally am going to meet Him on the ground here on earth first or in the clouds first or in heaven first.  The Lord said there is an escape from all that is about to happen but He did not promise any of us we would not die off before the escape arrives.  Who knows when our last day might be?  Only He knows.  Therefore we must be ready, today and every day.

There is no doctrine, and no law, nor any argument that holds up against daily readiness to meet the Lord.  The Lord Himself has hammered this point home over and over again yet there are still those people who argue "yes we can know."  Every single person who has told us they know the day or hour has been wrong.  All of them, wrong.  Yes, we have highlighted the Lord's feast days here as possible days for the Lord to call us up to the clouds and I still see nothing wrong with that however there are many days between feast days and nobody promised us we would live to see the next one.

The point is, today is the day to become ready.  If we walk and talk with the Lord each and every day, how will we be caught unprepared on the day we stand face to face with Him?  If we walk in faith and obedience today, do we need to worry about tomorrow?  No, tomorrow will take care of itself.

At the beginning of 2014 the Lord told this writer to 1. Be a man who walks with God and 2. Do whatever good your hands find to do.  If we are doing these things, will we be unpleasantly surprised on the day the meet the Lord face to face?

Our readiness must be a daily thing.  Today we must be ready to this end:

45‘Who, then, is the servant, faithful and wise, whom his lord did set over his household, to give them the nourishment in season? 46Happy that servant, whom his lord, having come, shall find doing so; 47verily I say to you, that over all his substance he will set him.

We are ready today so we will be found as faithful and wise when our Lord does come.  That's it.

Daily readiness does not require 4,000 page dissertations or 3 hour long arguments to prove who is right about what.  Daily readiness is simple and it cuts right to the point.  Our Lord is coming and we do not know when.  Our goal is to be found as faithful and wise servants on the day we meet our Lord face to face.  Special days are great to watch for the Lord's arrival but we are watching every day, not just feast days, or holidays or what have you.  Every day...

Does daily readiness meet with the Lord's approval?  Do your own research but I will leave you with this:

Luke 21:34‘And take heed to yourselves, lest your hearts may be weighed down with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and anxieties of life, and suddenly that day may come on you, 35for as a snare it shall come on all those dwelling on the face of all the land, 36watch ye, then, in every season, praying that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that are about to come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.’

grace and peace