Saturday, March 28, 2009

Destroying the Arguments of Atheists

The atheist has been unleashed on the world as part of a planned attack on all religions of faith. The specific targets of the atheists are: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. When the man of sin shows up, he will destroy the atheists along with everyone else that does not accept his "pure luciferian" religion.

After listening to atheists debate christians now for years, here's what their argument boils down to:

Atheist: "you can't prove god exists."
Christian: "you can't prove that he does'nt."

Christian: "you atheists need alot more faith than we do."
Atheist: "how so?"

Christian "we believe there is a being/a Creator that designed everything we see around us. You believe that somehow, everything in creation "just happened."

To illustrate how ridiculous the atheist argument is, consider this: Take any complex organism, or machine, or anything else in the world that has hundreds (if not thousands of parts) and shake them around in a box for thousands of years, and see what you get when you open the box. Somehow humans "evolved?" Well, great theory, but how? Who set the rules for that evolution? Who designed it all? The entire universe screams at the top of its lungs "RANDOM DOES'NT WORK HERE."

Can you imagine how long an engineer would last at any company if they suggested the best way to create something new was to throw all kinds of pieces and parts in a box and shake them around for a long time? That is utterly, completely ridiculous, and its also the argument the atheist uses for the existence of everything we see."

Atheist "it all "just happened, we don't know how"
Christian: "oh, so your faith is in "I don't know."
Atheist "correct, "I don't know" explains more than an intelligent designer."
Christian "ummm, sorry, but I don't know, explains nothing."

The atheist worships math and science. Great! So who set the laws that govern math and science? Math and science are based on order, so who set the order? Oh yea, I remember, the order came from "i don't know."

The universe that we live in is the evidence that our God exists. All creation is evidence that he exists. The incredible complexity, order, and grandeur of creation is the evidence, but the atheist says that "I don't know" makes more sense than a creator.

Romans 1:19 Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them. 20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

^^^here it is clearly stated, in the bible, that all creation is evidence for the existence of our God. Atheism explains nothing, so how exactly is that worldview helpful to mankind? The atheist is a spiritually bankrupt person, running around telling other people that somehow they have a superior spiritual view from those of us who believe in a Creator? We have answers for the creation, they have "I don't know," which is superior?

The atheist has no "deathblow" arguments for Christianity, which is why they have to setup never ending debates and monologues, write hundreds of books, etc etc etc. If they had some kind of "magic bullet" argument why don't they just use it and be done with it? Since they have no "magic bullet" they go on, and on, and on, debating, writing, and rehashing the same arguments over and over again.

Here's another vexing question for the atheist: What happens after you die?
Now, can you guess what their answer is to that question? Try hard to guess now!!!!!
wait for it....

I DON'T KNOW!<-----there it is...again...the atheist answer for everything. For people who debate ad nauseum, claiming the wisdom and brilliance of mankind over God, surely they have a better answer to the most important questions in life than "I don't know?"

What's going to happen to the atheist when they die? Then, "I don't know" will become "Oh my...I wish I did know" and it will be too late. The atheist has nothing, zero to offer mankind except an endless merry go round of debate that can at its best, make more people spiritually bankrupt. Men die, that's a fact that even the atheist cannot debate, and when men do die "I don't know" goes into the trash heap of history along with all the rest of the "wisdom" of men.

The Faithful Atheist
The atheist has much, much, MUCH more faith than any member of Islam, Judaism or Christianity, and their faith is in "I don't know." We will see here very soon how far "I don't know" carries these men, as their world turns upside down on them, chews them up and spits them out. They will cry out to "I don't know" for help when their hearts are failing them for fear, and "I don't know" will watch their destruction passively with a grin on its face.

We know the God we worship. I have proof that my God exists, but my proof does nothing for the atheist. How does the atheist know that I've never had a prayer that was'nt answered? Where was the atheist when I was in deep distress and I called out to my God and he answered me over, and over, and over again? Every time, over my entire life, he has been there for me, when there was no one else standing for me.

If the atheists were honestly inquiring in their hearts to determine if our God was real, they would find him. But they ask only to answer their own questions with their predetermined agendas, and their self satisfaction in giving canned answers that other men provided for them. The bible says if we seek him with all of our heart, we will find him. For men who call science and math their gods, I am amazed at how far they ride "I don't know" when it comes to God.
The atheist's faith in "I don't know" is something to be marveled at. Time will soon tell who the wise and the foolish among us are. grace and peace