Monday, March 16, 2009

An Important Day, March 16, 2009

I have alot to say today and I need to start with this: starting last Friday and going all through this weekend through this morning, my spirit was burdened, troubled, saddened, weighted down to the point of tears. This without any logical reason in my conscious mind for why. I asked the Lord this morning what is this? Please restore to me the joy of your presence. Fill me again with your Holy Spirit. Please take this away from me, or if you do not want to, please give me understanding to know what this is.

The answer, I believe, did not take long. There are those people who think that we who are looking for the escape, are thumbing our noses at the world as we wait in expectation for our Lord's fulfillment of his word. How little they understand.....The few godly left in this world, those who seek to know the mind of the Spirit of God, to think the way he thinks, and see the way he sees, how can they not be grieved by what is coming on this world? The souls of men, multitudes are in the valley of decision and they don't undstand the times they are living in. The day of the Lord is coming, a day of darkness and gloom where the sound of rejoicing and merriment will be heard no more. That day is almost here, and it dawned on me this morning that until the very hour we are in Christ's presence, we will share in the burden, the grieving, the knee shaking fear of the Lord, understanding what is coming. I do not expect to be part of it, but how can we as children of God not feel compassion for our fellow man?

Yes, the world is full of wickedness, greed, theft, corruption etc etc etc, and we hate the evil behavior, but what separates us from the world is we love the people anyway...hate the the people. Part of that love is understanding the hell on earth that is coming their way while they stare blissfully into their televisions to get another "fix" of placating lies that numb the conscience and soul, preserving these people like zombies for the day of destruction. How can we not grieve for them and with them? We are not bringing what's coming on them, our Lord is, and it has been a long time in coming with much warning and much patience on his part. Which leads me to another thing this morning.

As as I was writing the date down this morning, I believe the Lord impressed something on my mind. I wrote 3/16..../2009. Something struck me about 3/16......then it hit me, the Lord speaking once again...Before all hell breaks loose here on earth, the Lord wants to put things in context in our minds and the minds of anyone who has ears to listen. What is coming is NOT what he wanted for 3/16 should remind us and put in context where our God has approached men from the beginning:

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Many many men are about to perish. Men have chosen wickedness instead of righteousness, they have chosen lies over the truth, and this has gone on for thousands of years now. Nobody can say the Lord has not been patient...

I have seen a convergence that seems to indicate that this summer will be very bad. The words I have seen and heard with my own ears are: "summer of hell" and "summer of chaos" or words to that effect. An example of this was this past weekend talking with the realtor for the place we are renting. Somehow we got on the subject of what's happening in the world, and I started to say this summer...and he interupted and said "summer of chaos?" of something like that, and I said, yea, something like that appears to be just ahead of us.

The way I felt this past weekend was really really not good....the normal remedies I use to refocus my mind on the future (apart from end times issues), none of them worked, I was stuck in a grieving, troubled, weighted funk. As I look around and see and hear and listen there are many, many arrows pointing toward the near future (weeks?) that seem to indicate that we are in for a real shock. What I experienced this weekend, I believe is a foreshadowing of what's coming, and words can't describe how bad it will be. What will men do when they come to a place where nothing comforts them? Nothing.....that's what's coming. They will try to cheer themselves with whatever they can find and they will not be comforted...

This leads us back to Noah and Lot. Eating and drinking....those things comfort. Marrying and giving in marriage, joyful events..causes for celebration. Planting and building, routine things that give life a sense of normalcy...again...comforting.....all gone.

Here's the last thing, and it was another piece of the puzzle that dropped in my lap this morning. The stock market...Stocks have been taking a beating now for quite some time. Here over this past week, it has seen a bit of a rally. The people I respect who are experts on these things, seem to think we are in for another mild drop before the market seemingly explodes back up to where it was before all the doom and gloom set in in the fall of last year. Perhaps there will be no mild dropoff and it will just continue its way up to the September-ish levels of 2008. Give me your attention now.....if that happens, and there's a good possibility it will....buckle yourseat belts. That will be a time of great rejoicing in this world. People will let out a sigh of relief, they will think...ahhhhh finally..some relief! Now we can stop we can be at "peace" again, not worrying about our "safety" anymore in this crazy world because things are getting back to "normal." then, these financial people who, by the way, saw this mess coming, say the market will drop through the floor to unheard of levels that will leave people absolutely mentally, physically and spiritually devastated.

It is at just this time, at the time of the collapse of the stock markets, that the anti-christ (or his false prophet) plans to have his "day of declaration" as they call it. Where all people in the world hear the voice of the man of sin (or one of his servants) at the same time, which is also by the way "a covenant with many." If this guy comes telling the world "I can help" and people buy into his "help" a covenant has been entered into.... They rejected the true God and will accept "help" instead from an imposter....and thus the seals of Rev 6 begin their work.

This stock market activity is already underway...if/when you see a barn burner rally in the stocks....get on your knees before the Lord. While the world rejoices, I expect to be going through an "open door" headed away from it. They don't see it coming. Once again, I state it, I am a watchman, and the least of the servants of the Most High God. However, when the Lord drops puzzle pieces in my lap and shows me how they may go together, then I put them on the table for you to consider. What I write is not gospel, someone already wrote that book. Perhaps people should read the true gospel again one more time before its too late...

Time is short. Do not fear, we are not called to that. We are called to peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. As I have said many time, we are almost on the doorstep of summer, so we will know one way or another what's really going to happen. We are to be watching in all seasons, that means today, for the revealing of the Son of man. The Lord promised an escape, you are told to pray to be counted worthy of it. My prayers are with you, please keep me and my family in yours. grace and peace