Monday, November 03, 2014

Become Ye Ready

MAtt 24:42Watch ye therefore, because ye have not known in what hour your Lord doth come; 43and this know, that if the master of the house had known in what watch the thief doth come, he had watched, and not suffered his house to be broken through; 44because of this also ye, become ye ready, because in what hour ye do not think, the Son of Man doth come.

This ^^ really sums up the heart of what the Lord has been getting at with me for some time.  Become ye ready.....

Why not write about all the things the devil is doing in the world, all his threats and plans?  They don't really matter.  Why not?  The devil has wanted to kill all of us, all the time, from the very beginning.  So whats new?

Why not write about the signs all around us of the Lord's arrival?  Earthquakes are still singing away, volcanoes are popping off by the dozen, fish and birds continue to die off by the millions why not write about it?  Because we already know what is coming, we have beat that horse to death.  That, and the Spirit of the Lord told me to stop.

Everybody knows what is coming, the Lord could not have been more clear.  The million dollar question is when?

When will all these things happen?  We do not know.  It appears that it is enough for us to know we are in the season when these things will happen.  Knowing we are in the season, the rational and prudent will prepare.  Prepare for what?  The presence of the Lord.  We do not need to argue over the rapture or the second coming, how nice!  What we absolutely must do at all costs is "become ready."  Why?

44because of this also ye, become ye ready, because in what hour ye do not think, the Son of Man doth come.

Because the Son of Man doth come and we have no idea on what day He is going to show up.  Fact is, we do not need to know.  What know He is coming and we know we need to prepare for His arrival.  I do not know for sure if I personally am going to meet Him on the ground here on earth first or in the clouds first or in heaven first.  The Lord said there is an escape from all that is about to happen but He did not promise any of us we would not die off before the escape arrives.  Who knows when our last day might be?  Only He knows.  Therefore we must be ready, today and every day.

There is no doctrine, and no law, nor any argument that holds up against daily readiness to meet the Lord.  The Lord Himself has hammered this point home over and over again yet there are still those people who argue "yes we can know."  Every single person who has told us they know the day or hour has been wrong.  All of them, wrong.  Yes, we have highlighted the Lord's feast days here as possible days for the Lord to call us up to the clouds and I still see nothing wrong with that however there are many days between feast days and nobody promised us we would live to see the next one.

The point is, today is the day to become ready.  If we walk and talk with the Lord each and every day, how will we be caught unprepared on the day we stand face to face with Him?  If we walk in faith and obedience today, do we need to worry about tomorrow?  No, tomorrow will take care of itself.

At the beginning of 2014 the Lord told this writer to 1. Be a man who walks with God and 2. Do whatever good your hands find to do.  If we are doing these things, will we be unpleasantly surprised on the day the meet the Lord face to face?

Our readiness must be a daily thing.  Today we must be ready to this end:

45‘Who, then, is the servant, faithful and wise, whom his lord did set over his household, to give them the nourishment in season? 46Happy that servant, whom his lord, having come, shall find doing so; 47verily I say to you, that over all his substance he will set him.

We are ready today so we will be found as faithful and wise when our Lord does come.  That's it.

Daily readiness does not require 4,000 page dissertations or 3 hour long arguments to prove who is right about what.  Daily readiness is simple and it cuts right to the point.  Our Lord is coming and we do not know when.  Our goal is to be found as faithful and wise servants on the day we meet our Lord face to face.  Special days are great to watch for the Lord's arrival but we are watching every day, not just feast days, or holidays or what have you.  Every day...

Does daily readiness meet with the Lord's approval?  Do your own research but I will leave you with this:

Luke 21:34‘And take heed to yourselves, lest your hearts may be weighed down with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and anxieties of life, and suddenly that day may come on you, 35for as a snare it shall come on all those dwelling on the face of all the land, 36watch ye, then, in every season, praying that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that are about to come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.’

grace and peace