Monday, August 30, 2010

8/30/2010-What is the Spirit Saying to the Churches?

At the leading of the Lord, I have not even glanced at what calls itself "news" in this world, for about a week now. That includes all the doom and gloom "alternative media" as well. As a result, I am beginning to understand why the Lord has me on this "news" diet.

The Lord speaks to us in a still, quiet voice. The restriction the Lord has placed on my mental inputs has significantly quieted my mind. Can you see the benefit in that? I have faith, I trust that the Lord will bring to my mind anything and everything of importance that I need to know. Notice the attitude of faith that is required to hold this perspective. Not that I am anything, I am less than nothing. The point is, the Lord rewards faith.

With this quieted spirit, what is this writer hearing the Lord say today? Am I hearing about the end of the world? No. The rapture/escape from all? No. So what then is the Lord saying? We've already discussed one thing. The Lord told me to get rid of wordly inputs. Garbage in, garbage out right? No worldly news. That includes 99.999% of all blogs and "alternative media" as well. The vast vast majority of all of it is utter rubbish.

The second thing the Lord has been speaking to me about is our attitude when we approach Him. As we read our bibles, we see an overwhelming theme of thanks and rejoicing in the first words of any greeting to the churches, and any prayers to the Lord. Everything in the kingdom is to be opened and approached with thanks and rejoicing.

If you are wondering why you are not hearing from the Lord, check your inner dialogue for answers to your problems. Do you find yourself grumbling and complaining alot? That could be a major problem. Read this as a case in point:

Psalm 106
1Praise the Lord.a Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. 2Who can proclaim the mighty acts of the Lord or fully declare his praise?

Notice with me, the first words. Praise the Lord right? Praise...What's next? Give thanks. Praise the Lord? Then give thanks? Yep, you are reading it right. What's next? A question. Who can proclaim the mighty acts of the Lord or fully declare his praise? In order to proclaim his mighty acts or declare his praise, we must remember what he has done.

6We have sinned, even as our fathers did;

we have done wrong and acted wickedly.

7When our fathers were in Egypt,

they gave no thought to your miracles;

they did not remember your many kindnesses,

and they rebelled by the sea, the Red Sea.

They did not remember......^^^

13But they soon forgot what he had done
and did not wait for his counsel.

14In the desert they gave in to their craving;

in the wasteland they put God to the test.

15So he gave them what they asked for,

but sent a wasting disease upon them.

They soon forgot what he had done, saying the same thing in a different way, they did not remember..

24Then they despised the pleasant land;

they did not believe his promise.

25They grumbled in their tents

and did not obey the Lord.

26So he swore to them with uplifted hand

that he would make them fall in the desert,

27make their descendants fall among the nations

and scatter them throughout the lands.

Same theme here, we read "they grumbled in their tents." When you are grumbling, you certainly are not praising the Lord and giving him thanks. You certainly are not remembering all of the wonderful things he has done for us.

If you are wondering what the Spirit is saying to the churches today, this is it. This is the same thing that has been written about here for more than a year now. We are being called back to the fundamentals of the faith. There was a time when the Lord had this writer warning the church, and the world. The warnings came during better days for this world. Now that the warnings have begun to come to fruition, the world is up to its eyeballs in problems and writers are coming out of the woodwork to "pile on" to the subject. As if a prophet were needed today to understand that this world is in trouble and headed for more. At this point even the pagans understand that.

The Lord has moved on, and as usual the world and the vast majority of the "religious people" in this world are years behind him. The world and its people are talking about the problems today, the Lord has moved on, at least with this writer, from talking about the coming problems to talking about the solutions.

Any solution for the believer starts with communion with the Lord. We are talking about basics here guys, fundamentals. In order to commune with the Lord, you must know how to approach him. If you are a grumbling complainer, then you need a change of attitude ASAP. If you are expecting anything of the Lord, you need to put your thanks and praise hat on.

Has the Lord ever done anything for you that you are thankful for? Good, then you have something to thank him for. Did you eat today? Great, another thing to give thanks for. Do you have a roof over your head today? Another thing to praise him for. The list can get long quick, we just need to check our attitudes and make sure our attitude is full of gratitude.

If you want answers, start by approaching the Lord with thanks and praise. I cited ONE Psalm here, go through all of them on your own and see for yourself if the words written here are true. Notice the pattern that the Spirit gives us throughout the bible. Thanks and praise and remembering what the Lord has done for us, our families, all the brothers and the entire world are a fundamental starting point.

We were created for his glory. Our lips should be overflowing with his praises morning noon and night.

This is what I hear the Spirit speaking to the churches today.

grace and peace.

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Picture of the Day of the Rapture/Escape From All

There is an event coming that the Lord calls the "escape from all" which you can read about in Luke 21:36. He also calls it the "harpazo" or snatching away. People also call it "the rapture." Call it whatever you want to, the fact is, its coming...

As I was asking the Lord to give me something else to give to you (and me) today, he gave me another place in his Word where the rapture/escape from all has been prophesied. Read this:

Isaiah 30: 27 See, the Name of the Lord comes from afar,

with burning anger and dense clouds of smoke;

his lips are full of wrath,

and his tongue is a consuming fire.

28His breath is like a rushing torrent,

rising up to the neck.

He shakes the nations in the sieve of destruction;

he places in the jaws of the peoples

a bit that leads them astray.

29And you will sing

as on the night you celebrate a holy festival;

your hearts will rejoice

as when people go up with flutes

to the mountain of the Lord,

to the Rock of Israel.

30The Lord will cause men to hear his majestic voice

and will make them see his arm coming down

with raging anger and consuming fire,

with cloudburst, thunderstorm and hail.

31The voice of the Lord will shatter Assyria;

with his scepter he will strike them down.

32Every stroke the Lord lays on them

with his punishing rod

will be to the music of tambourines and harps,

as he fights them in battle with the blows of his arm.

33Topheth has long been prepared;

it has been made ready for the king.

Its fire pit has been made deep and wide,

with an abundance of fire and wood;

the breath of the Lord,

like a stream of burning sulfur,

sets it ablaze.

If you ever wanted a picture of what it will be like on the day the "escape from all" (luke 21:36) happens, this is it. It is a stunning portrait of a day that is coming soon to this world. Read that passage of scripture very carefully and you'll see treasure hidden in plain sight.

The bible is used to interpret the bible, we know that right? So what do we see in Isaiah 30 that we can point to and nod our head "yep" at? How about this?

29And you will sing

as on the night you celebrate a holy festival

^^Think Feast of Trumpets here. There is a night coming, when 2 things are happening simultaneously. First, the Lord comes from afar with burning anger and clouds of dense smoke, with his lips full of wrath..He will be shaking the nations in a "sieve of destruction" and while He is doing that, we will sing "as on the night you celebrate a holy festival."

We know from previous study that all the early year feasts of the Lord have been fulfilled to the very day, only the fall feasts remain. What's the next feast to be fulfilled, literally to the day? The Feast of Trumpets/Rosh Hashanah.

As if that weren't enough, what else does Isaiah 30 point directly to, and marry with perfectly? Luke 17 and Matt 24. The bible interpreting the bible, perfect down to the letter:

Luke 17:26“Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man. 27People were eating, drinking, marrying and being given in marriage up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them all. “It was the same in the days of Lot. People were eating and drinking, buying and selling, planting and building. 29But the day Lot left Sodom, fire and sulfur rained down from heaven and destroyed them all.

30“It will be just like this on the day the Son of Man is revealed

Matt 24:36 No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son,f but only the Father. 37As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. 38For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; 39and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. 40Two men will be in the field; one will be taken and the other left. 41Two women will be grinding with a hand mill; one will be taken and the other left.

We are told in no uncertain terms in both Luke 17 and Matt 24 that the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah and Lot. What happened in the days of Noah and Lot? On the same day Noah entered the ark, the rain fell. On the same day that Lot left Sodom, fire and brimstone fell and destroyed them all.

What does Isaiah 30 tell us?

29And you will sing as on the night you celebrate a holy festival; your hearts will rejoice as when people go up with flutes to the mountain of the Lord, to the Rock of Israel.


32Every stroke the Lord lays on them with his punishing rod will be to the music of tambourines and harps, as he fights them in battle with the blows of his arm.

Go back and re-read Isaiah 30, do you see how in the midst of the radical destruction the Lord lays on the nations, WE ARE SINGING? Do you see how utterly ABSURD the people are who tell us that we will be stuck in the middle of the time of Jacob's trouble dodging plagues and the wrath of God as though we were one of the unbelievers?

Again and again, the Lord shows us the same picture. The world is getting hammered, and we are SINGING. The destruction the Lord lays on the nations will to the sound of tambourines and harps.

Now bear with me here as I reason this out. If we are standing on earth amongst the backslidden, the apostate, the pagans, the satanists and everyone else who has this wrath coming, would we really be singing and rejoicing as though we were enjoying one of the Lord's festivals? This event that's about to happen will be so dire, so grave that it will make men's hearts fail them for fear. On this earth, there will be no singing and harp playing on the day the Lord's smoking fiery vengeance is carried out.

Luke 21:26 Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

Noah was in the ark when the water judgement began to fall. Lot was outside Sodom on the day the Lord's fire judgement began to fall. This future event that will see the Lord's wrath unleashed once again will be EXACTLY the same as the days of Noah and Lot. True believers on that day will be someplace physically removed, and they will be SINGING, and REJOICING at every swing of the Lord's arm against the wicked nations of this earth. That's a fact.

We live in a day of scoffers, just as the bible predicted.

2 Peter 3:3 First of all, you must understand that in the last days scoffers will
come, scoffing and following their own evil desires.

Many of these scoffers call themselves Christians. They scoff at the Word of the Lord that tells us in plain language that there WILL BE an escape from all that we should pray for (luke21:36). They scoff at the idea that in the day the Lord comes back for us, some believers will be physically removed just like Noah and Lot were.

As you believe, so you receive. If these so called christians can talk you out of believing what the Word of the Lord clearly says, then they can talk you out of the fulfillment of the promises. The promises of the Lord are inherited by those who patiently wait for them and have the FAITH in the promises to receive them.

Hebrews 6:12 We do not want you to become lazy, but to imitate those who through
faith and patience inherit what has been promised.

If the Lord tells us that there will be an "escape from all" and you have no faith for that promise, and you do not pray for escape as we are clearly told to do, and to make matters worse, you actively teach others not to pray for escape, or to believe for escape, then what will be your end? What will you receive from the Lord's hand for teaching doctrines that are in direct opposition to His own Word?

The answers to these questions are coming in time.

Remember to pray. Stop watching and reading this world's "news." That includes all the "alternative media" too. It's all, 100% trash. Get your news from the Lord. Quiet your mind and spirit so you can hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches today.

Done for today, grace and peace.

Friday, August 20, 2010

To declare that the LORD is upright

Psalm 92:12The righteous man will flourish like the palm tree,
He will grow like a cedar in Lebanon.

13Planted in the house of the LORD,
They will flourish in the courts of our God.

14They will still yield fruit in old age;
They shall be full of sap and very green,

15To declare that the LORD is upright;
He is my rock, and there is no unrighteousness in Him.

A recurring theme in my life song has been thanks to the Lord for answered prayer. My message to you as brothers/sisters is that we serve a God who answers prayer. As we read in the Psalm above, I desire "to declare that the Lord is upright."

Day after day all creation declares our God's faithfulness. What I am seeing in my life, in a time when the world is falling apart, is that our Lord is good, and there is no unrighteousness in Him.

These things are written to you today to encourage you. Seek the Lord in prayer today, while He may still be found. I, your brother, am one of few voices crying out in the wilderness, "SEEK THE LORD, HE IS FAITHFUL, HE CAN BE TRUSTED."

Spend less time taking counsel from this world (stay away from the TV and internet). Spend more time in prayer and in the Word. I guarantee you that as you get over your crack-cocaine like addiction to the steady stream of sewage (news) from this world, you will feel better. You will have more time. You will be of better service to everyone you meet.

What does mankind need more of now, prophets of doom who restate the obvious daily (this world is going down the tubes-do we need a prophet to see it?), or people who walk full of the Spirit of God, in the power of God? In a world full of darkness, what is needed is light. Light will not be found on the TV or the internet.

Stay in the Word of the Lord. My testimony to you is this: He can be trusted to the uttermost.

It has been written here recently that this writer has asked for, and is believing for 2 miracles. As this is written to you, green shoots of miracle 1 are already sprouting above the ground. How many more ways can it be restated? Keep your eyes on Jesus Christ, trust Him....

grace and peace

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where is Your Focus?

4Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! 5Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. 6Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

8Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. 9Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.

If you have been stopping by this blog for any length of time, you will know that the Lord has repeatedly prodded me to reduce my intake of today's "news." He meant both lamestream media AND alternative news sites. Every so often I get a periodic reminder from Him on this subject and recently I received another reminder.

Why would the Lord impress me with the idea to stop reading all the "conspiracy theory" and "alternative news" sites? It's not because there are no conspiracies, because almost everything in today's world has been corrupted and is a conspiracy against the masses of humanity. The very beginning of the war we find ourselves in involved a conspiracy dealing with Satan wanting to usurp our Lord's power and throne. So again, if the conspiracies are real, why not read about them?

Lot's of reasons...How much time did Jesus spend unmasking all of the satanic conspiracies in his day? NONE, that's right ZERO. How much time did Paul or any of the other apostles spend talking about all the roman gods and how corrupt roman politics were back in his day? Again, almost zilch. If Jesus and the apostles spent virtually zero time watching the world and the satanic conspiracies of their day, then why should we? Are we to walk like Christ did or not?

Our mind is an interesting thing, the conscious mind can only hold one thought at a time, soooo if I spend all my time reading and talking about the flesh, the devil and the world, guess what I'm NOT spending my time reading and talking about? Things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy....

8Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. 9Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.

If we are not thinking about these things ^^^ and instead we willfully choose to focus on the darkness in this world, don't you think we have some changing to do to be in compliance with what our Lord has instructed us to do?

How concerned do you think the Lord is about Satan's plans for this world? We should be asking people why they don't spend more time reporting on our Lord's plans for today and the future? Which is more important, Satan's plans or our God's plans? Where should our focus be?

Our power comes from prayer and staying focused on all the Words our God has spoken, why should we allow other useless distractions to consume our time? A long time ago I realized that when the normal news was playing, all we were hearing was lies and useless drivel, so I started spending more time reading alternative news media. The alternative news media appears to have more truth reported in it, but the point I believe the Lord has made to me is, which is more important, the truth about how evil and satanic this world is or the truth of our Lord's promises to us? Which gives us more power?

The bottom line here is this, spending my time or your time reading about the latest lies, or even truths about how wicked this world is, is just beating a dead horse. Has the Lord not already told us that Satan is the prince of this world?

I am believing the Lord for 2 miracles right now, can you tell me whether reading one more article about how BP and the Government are complicit in a giant crime against humanity is going to help me believe for my miracles? Can you tell me how reading one more article about the fact that "space aliens" are really demons and hollywood is controlled by illuminati satanists is going to help me encourage another brother who is about to give up on his faith in Jesus? How is it going to improve my walk with Jesus to know one more thing about how the ancient greek gods were actually all a hierarchy of demons planning their return to earth during the tribulation? It all might be fact, but how does any of it encourage me or any of the brothers I communicate with?

There was a time here when alot of what was written was exposing the apostasy within todays so called christianity. That writing has mostly stopped, why? Everything that needed to be written has already been written? Seems reasonable enough to me. If Jesus and the apostles spent time on a subject, we should too. If they brushed over or did not address a subject at all, perhaps we should take the same attitude.

Reading todays blogs and "news" is largely a waste of time. I believe the Lord has impressed upon me that its okay to spend small amounts of time each day "checking in" on what's going on in the world, but the bulk of our thinking should be toward our Lord and his kingdom. Show me an argument against that?

Matt 6:33But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. 34Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

These things are written to you today because they have been impressed upon me. Everything you have read here, I believe, is a message for me as much or more than it is for anyone else reading it.

May the Lord bless you and keep you, may his face shine upon you and may he grant you peace.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A God of Infinite Possibilities

I just wanted to write you a quick note today about what the Lord has impressed upon me this morning.

1. How utterly worthless and empty 99.99% of all the "news" and blogs are in this world.

2. We need to get our "news" from the Lord

Why get our information inputs from the Lord? Because He is a God of infinite possibilities. While the lamestream media is focused on which "star" had what for breakfast this morning, and the alternative media is busy pumping you full of fear and what Satan planned for the world, our God is telling us things that He has told us from the very beginning.

What is impossible for our God? Do we believe that He can and will do what He said He would do?

Even at this late hour in world history, I am hearing from the Lord that He is willing and able to do abundantly exceedingly over and above anything we can ask or imagine for us who believe. ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE for those who believe. That is a "thus sayeth the Lord" statement, not because it is written here, but because it is written in His Word.

I am not finished yet. I am not ready to sit back idly and watch the world go to hell waiting for the Lord's return. Something inside of me is leaping as I write this. I am believing the Lord for at least 2 miracles right now. I am believing Him for mighty moves of His strong arm on my behalf. He has done it before, He will do it again. The things I am believing for are already done, I know this. Inside it has already been settled. Yet, my eyes see nothing yet. Inside I just know that what I have asked for has already been granted.

Why is this being written to you today? It's not about me, it's about a faithful God. This is a message to you, that the battle is not over yet. We may have years to go before the Lord comes back, or maybe He will come back for us this year during the Feast of Trumpets, or maybe He comes back tonight, who knows? The point is, we need to be ready, but while we wait patiently, why do we not tax the Lord with our prayers and desires? Try to load Him down, good luck with that :-) Pray with all kinds of prayers and requests. Plant your prayer seeds and water with thanks, over and over and over again, who knows what the Lord will grant you if you would only ask and keep asking...

Remember the story of the unjust judge, be persistent. Reason with the Lord. Our God rewards faith, that's a fact that is well established both in the Word and in my life, its a fact. We need to be patient to wait for the answers. The things we don't have yet, we don't need yet or we are not ready for yet.

I thought this would be a 1 paragraph posting :-)

done for now, keep the faith, be persistent, grace and peace.

Friday, August 13, 2010

More Proof of a Pre-Tribulation Rapture

So many "christians" today rage against the idea of a pre-trib, pre-time of JACOB's trouble (not the church's trouble) rapture/escape from all/harpazo/call it whatever you want...

Yet the absolute proof of our God's intention is throughout all the pages of the bible. Here's just one of many examples of the Lord leaving his thinking written for us to find in the bible:

Psalm 32:6Therefore, let everyone who is godly pray to You in a time when You may be found; Surely in a flood of great waters they will not reach him.

7You are my hiding place; You preserve me from trouble;You surround me with songs of deliverance.

Surely in a flood of great waters they will not reach him? Luke 17:26 Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man. 27People were eating, drinking, marrying and being given in marriage up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them all.

Flood of great waters? As it was in the days of Noah? Flood will not reach him? Are you picking up on this?

You would have to be blind or willfully ignorant to not see how rich just these two sentences are in one Psalm in the bible. In a "flood" of great waters? They will not reach him? Hiding place? You preserve me from trouble? You surround me with songs of deliverance? Gosh, that sounds really "escapist" , doesn't it?

Where are all the debaters within "christianity" to debate with God's Word here? What happened to "manning up" and "taking the tribulation in the face" so we can "be a witness?" Whats with all this "hiding" and "preserving from trouble" business we read in the bible?

Well, what we've been looking at sounds alot like this:

Luke 21:36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

Wow, how 'escapist' that sounds doesn't it. While the scofferes within churchianity scoff at our Lord's promise, we take our Lord at His Word.

Over and over and over again, we read about "hiding" and "refuge" and "escape" and being "preserved from trouble" in the bible. Read through the book of Psalms for yourself, see it for yourself.

There is an escape from all coming, our Lord GUARANTEES IT. What kind of escape? Perhaps we should ask Noah and Lot because in Luke 17 and Matt 24 we are told that the coming of the Son of man will be JUST LIKE the days of Noah and Lot. Were Noah and Lot "hidden" away, when there was a "flood of great waters" (psalm 32) did they reach Noah? Were Noah and lot preserved from trouble? Were Noah and Lot able to sing songs of deliverance after the flood and destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah?

Did Noah and Lot receive real physical deliverances or was the Word of the Lord to them just some kind of pie in the sky, take the flood and fire on the chin kind of "you'll be comforted" while you suffer with the unbelievers kind of thing?

The Word of God interprets the Word of God. Read it for yourself. Deliverance from trouble, a place of hiding and ESCAPE are very real themes woven throughout the entire bible for the righteous. The people who tell you "there will be no escape" or there will be a partial escape have a real problem with the entirety of the Word of God.

Read the history of Israel. Over and over again, most were destroyed but a remnant were SPARED...physically. The Word and the deliverance of the Lord are real. They were real for Noah and Lot, and they will be real for some people in the future as well.

Do not allow the faithlessness and wickedness to steal your escape from you. Just because the many will not make it, doesn't mean you have to be left behind with them. The faithless, cowardly and wicked who already have an inward witness that they won't make it out, want you to stay behind with them.

What is the Spirit saying to the churches today? What is the Spirit saying to you today? Stop following men. Mankind cannot save you, only Jesus can. Mankind never promised you an escape from all, JESUS DID. Who are men to tell you "no" when God has told you "yea verily." If the Lord has spoken it, and it has been written, then it is FACT, not open to debate.

Settle these things within yourself. As you believe, so shall you receive.

Matthew 8:13 Then Jesus said to the centurion, "Go! It will be done just as you believed it would."

Don't let the unbelieving foolish virgins talk you out of your escape. The Lord is speaking, we should be listening. I do not claim to speak for Him. His Word speaks for itself.

done for now,
grace and peace

Monday, August 09, 2010

A Word of Encouragement

The Lord is good. He is so very VERY very good. That is my testimony. I have relied on the God that you can read about in the bible for over 40 years now, and he has never failed me once, not ever.

I defy anyone to tell me that our God is not real. I defy anyone to tell me that our God does not provide. I defy anyone who says our God does not keep his promises. I defy anyone who says our God is silent.

Our God, the Lord Creator of all things is speaking constantly. He is oh so living and active. Do you want something to be thankful for today? Be thankful that the restrainer is still restraining today. In the book of Thesselonians we are told that a restrainer is restraining until he is taken out of the way. No matter how bad you think things are in the world today, you can be thankful that things are not bad yet. Bad is coming, but you not I have seen it yet. The restainer has kept and will continue to keep "bad" at arms length until he is taken out of the way. Be thankful for a day of restraint.

We can also be thankful that we live in the days of the son of man, days of GRACE. The Lord's hands are still outstretched in merciful outreach to everyone and anyone who will listen, repent and turn to him. There are days coming when this will not be the case:

Prov 1:22“How long will you simple ones love your simple ways?

How long will mockers delight in mockery

and fools hate knowledge?

23If you had responded to my rebuke,

I would have poured out my heart to you

and made my thoughts known to you.

24But since you rejected me when I called

and no one gave heed when I stretched out my hand,

25since you ignored all my advice

and would not accept my rebuke,

26I in turn will laugh at your disaster;

I will mock when calamity overtakes you—

27when calamity overtakes you like a storm,

when disaster sweeps over you like a whirlwind,

when distress and trouble overwhelm you.

There are days coming when calamity will overtake people like a storm, and disaster will overtake them like a whirlwhid. Why? Because they ignored all the Lord's advice, and would not accept his rebuke. So what will happen? The Lord God Almighty will LAUGH at their disaster...not my words, his words.

Well that's not very nice is it? Not the kind of candy coated God you've heard about all your life from nicolaitan preachers is it?

This is not a message of condemnation. This is a message to tell you that as of right now, there is still time to get right with the God of Gods, the Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ.

I could care less what this world says. This entire planet is anti-christ, SO WHAT? They lose in the end. There is a God, if you have an honest heart, if you open that heart and search for him you will find him. You MUST turn away from your pet sins and "your way" of doing things.

I am always amazed at people who will submit to just about any earthly authority but the moment the Creator of Eternity is brought into the conversation they ask "who is he to tell me what to do?" ARE YOU KIDDING ME? about..."he's God" for an answer?

In a Godless anti-christ world there is one crying out in the wilderness. The message is "there is a God and he can be trusted." If you want to find him then go get a bible and start reading it. Men cannot be trusted. Almost everyone and every institution has been compromised. Do not trust me, I'm not asking for your trust. I am asking you to go look in a certain direction and decide for yourself what you find. In the end, there will be you and God Almighty...face to face. My suggestion to you today is to make that meeting today while his grace may be found. If your first meeting with this God is on the day he is judging you, well, I suspect that will not be a good day for you.

This writer is the very least of the brothers who are "in Christ" and I testify before you today that our God, the Lord Jesus is GOOD and he can be trusted. My life is living proof of it.

Grace and peace

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Most Encouraging Fact

A guy named Henry David Thoreau wrote this quote:

I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate himself by conscious endeavor
~Henry David Thoreau

But you know what? I think he was severly mistaken. The most encouraging fact I know of is that we serve a God who answers prayer....

This fact, that our God answers prayer has been rising up within me lately. An obvious reason for this could be that prayers are being answered. Not that this writer is anything. Our God is the focus here. He made promises and He is faithful to keep them...

Matt 7:7 “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. 8 “For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened. 9 “Or what man is there among you who, when his son asks for a loaf, will give him a stone? 10 “Or if he asks for a fish, he will not give him a snake, will he? 11 “If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give what is good to those who ask Him!

Our Lord makes some very bold statements. He says everyone who asks receives...You may say, "but I've asked for plenty of things and have received nothing." To which I would ask, how do you know that you have not received? Perhaps you have received and didn't like the answer....yes, no and wait are all answers.

I want to encourage you to return to prayer today. Ask, seek, knock. I have this welling up inside of me to tell you to pray. Our God absolutely positively hears and answers prayers.

I don't want to get too deep into the discussion of why some prayers do not seem to be answered, but putting things in the extreme should help illustrate. Do you think a person like Adolph Hitler could pray to our God asking for help and get it? If not, why not? Do you think that Paul the apostle could pray to our God and get answers? If so, why? The answers to these questions should shed some light on why some people get results from their prayer life and some do not. Most of us are neither Paul, nor Hitler, we fall somewhere in between. In our case, we should be striving for perfection. Why? Our God looks directly at the hearts of men and we want nothing in our hearts or spirits that could hinder our prayers.

1 Thess 5:17 pray without ceasing,

^^^This is what I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying today. There is no more encouraging fact I can think of right now, than the fact that our God hears and answers prayers. The God who created everything, who is not disturbed in the least by the economic meltdown or joblessness or the new world order, or what signs and signals satan is sending, that God is hearing and answering our prayers today.

When our God opens a door for us, who can shut it?

Rev 3:7 What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open.

Job 12:14 Behold, he breaketh down, and it cannot be built again: he shutteth up a man, and there can be no opening.

What do you want? What do you need? Have you asked for it in prayer? Do you believe that you will receive it? Other than the illustrations of Hitler and Paul there is this matter of belief. Mark 11:24 tells us that we must believe that we receive what we ask for in prayer.

Ask, and keep asking
Seek and keep seeking
Knock and keep knocking

Because our God is a God who answers prayer. If it seems like I am beating this to death as I write this, I cannot help it. This message is within me like a baby waiting to be birthed and I still feel like I'm in labor with it. The Lord is trying to make a big point with me and with you.

Churchianity preaches a message of "seed time and harvest" and they do it well except for the little (HUGE) problem that they butcher the part of what the seed is. They tell you to write a check and send it in to their 'ministries' as a seed. What I believe the Lord has impressed upon me is that our prayer is a kind of seed. Prayer is the seed and the thanks we give over the answer we have not seen yet is the water. We are to plant then water, plant then water, over and over and over again.

1 Cor 15:37When you sow, you do not plant the body that will be, but just a seed, perhaps of wheat or of something else. 38But God gives it a body as he has determined, and to each kind of seed he gives its own body.

You do not plant the body that will be..but just a seed. The seed contains the DNA or the map of everything that the seed will grow up to be, but our God gives each seed its body.

After seed has been planted and watered, in season, there is a harvest. Some things take longer to "grow" from prayer seed to harvest than other things. Everything has a season, which is to say, you have to wait for it.

Pray without ceasing. Remember the lesson of the unjust judge:

Luke 18:6And the Lord said, “Listen to what the unjust judge says. 7And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off? 8I tell you, he will see that they get justice, and quickly. However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?”

Ask, seek, knock.

I am standing before you with my own words today, to be a voice and a witness to our God's faithfulness. Our God does what He says He would do. He said that He would answer prayer, but He told us to believe, and keep praying. His words were "pray without ceasing." We are to pray with all kinds of prayers and requests:

Ephesians 6:18 And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints.

Some believers who are reading these words right now need a miracle. I am believing the Lord for a miracle. I have been here before and I have seen the Lord deliver for me. He has delivered miracles, and even though my eyes have not yet seen the slightest physical evidence for it, I know for a fact that the answer to my miracle is already enroute. Its done, I just haven't seen it yet. I'm not making up some kind of feeling, its inside. Just like a mother knows she is pregnant with a baby, I know that I am pregnant with a miracle as well. This wont be the first time, and I pray it will not be the last. As a brother I want to encourage you to ask and keep asking for your miracle. Realize that there is nothing our pathetic minds can dream up that our God cannot deliver on in spades. What is it we are asking for that our God cannot deliver on? He parted the Red Sea, he raised the dead to life, he cursed and things died, he blessed and lepers were healed, what is it he cannot do?

Reasoning with the Lord

I want you to remember to reason with the Lord. Read your bibles, people in the past reasoned with our God and got their way...

Isaiah 38:2Hezekiah turned his face to the wall and prayed to the Lord, 3“Remember, O Lord, how I have walked before you faithfully and with wholehearted devotion and have done what is good in your eyes.” And Hezekiah wept bitterly.

4Then the word of the Lord came to Isaiah: 5“Go and tell Hezekiah, ‘This is what the Lord, the God of your father David, says: I have heard your prayer and seen your tears; I will add fifteen years to your life. 6And I will deliver you and this city from the hand of the king of Assyria. I will defend this city.

If you are asking and believing the Lord for something and doubt tries to creep in, ask WHY NOT LORD? IF there is nothing in His Word that would be a big "no" and the Spirit has not spoken to your spirit to give you a "no" then you need to KEEP BELIEVING for what you asked for. Istead of asking "why" something should be given to you, ask "why not?" The Lord responds to such things, at least He has with me.

Reason with the Lord, ask seek knock, pray without ceasing, believe that you have received what you have asked for, don't give up, remember the story of the unjust judge.

The most encouraging fact for us who believe is that we have a God who hears and answers prayers. Start praying. If you have already started then keep doing it and do not stop praying until your dieing breath has been taken from you. Even then, our last breath should be a prayer and a blessing on the Lord of our life. I'm done....grace and peace