Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Codex Alimentarius -Death to the people

Implicit in estimates by the two organizations which run Codex Alimentarius for the
UN[1] are that implementation of just the restrictive Vitamin and Mineral Guideline
alone[2] will result in the deaths of at least 3 billion people world wide. Those
estimates anticipate the deaths of at least 1 billion people from simple starvation and 2
billion more from what WHO and FAO identify as the “preventable chronic diseases of
under nutrition”: cancers, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity.

To accomplish that vile goal, Codex is in the process of degrading the health and social
integrity of the global community by, for example:
o Requiring all animals used for food to be treated with antibiotics.
o Mandating all food animals be treated with growth hormones
o Mandating all dairy cows be treated with Monsanto’s bovine growth
o Allowing unlabeled genetically modified (GM) food worldwide.
o Permitting shockingly high pesticide residues in food, including 7
pesticides already banned by agreement of 174 nations at the Stockholm
Convention (2001).
o Mandating irradiation of all foods despite the serious dangers this
presents to the environment and consumers.
o Degrading Organic Standards to the point of meaninglessness.

Codex Alimentarius (Latin: “food rules”) was created by the UN on the instigation of the
mastermind of the German death camps, Fritz ter Meer, former “Over Manager” (CEO)
of the German industrial combine, IG Farben. He realized that the control of food was
the key to world control while he was in prison for crimes against humanity (including
creating and running the German death camps and slave labor system) after WWII.

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