Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pictures Worth A Thousand Words

I can write all day about the high strangeness coming to this world.  Something is happening to the earth.  This video documents what we are talking about.

Question is, is any of this normal?  No
If its not normal, why is it happening?
The last question is, who do so few people care?

Take all the facts and run a thread through them, what do the facts point to?

Would you call the events in that video "destructive" events?  I would.

What can the righteous do in the face of these facts?  They can turn to their God who has protected them, who has provided for them.  They can also point out what is happening to an unbelieving world to at least attempt to snatch some from the fire that is certainly coming.

One man plants a seed, another waters it but only the Lord makes it grow.  We can plant seeds.

As of today the internet has completely gone offline in Syria, what's about to happen there?

As of today the Palestinian state just took a leap forward.  Could this event be a precursor to the covenant with many (Daniel 9:27)?

Try to step back and see the big picture.  We must be getting close.

Grace and peace.