Saturday, February 02, 2013

We Are Getting Warmer....M6.9 Japan

Here we go again.  As we move closer to spring the quakes uptick in strength and frequency.  This writer sounds like a broken record even to himself.  If this nobody has the pattern nailed, where are the geologists and news media analysts and government big wigs to take note of this pattern and explain the "why" behind the pattern?

The do not acknowledge it because people might start asking questions that would lead them to the truth.  The truth is, according to the bible destruction is coming from above.  Revelation 8 tells us about the trumpet judgments that come down on the earth from up above our heads.

Jesus said 'look up' when all these things begin to happen.  He really meant it, look up!  What is going on up there is affecting down here.  This spring we will have another mega earthquake somewhere in the world.  How can we be sure?  The past 3 years have seen 9.0 or real close to that quakes in Chile, Japan, and in the Pacific ocean.  Last year we had twin mega-quakes and most people didnt blink an eye at it because they didnt cause massive loss of life.  What will we see this year?  Only the Lord knows.

Why discuss any of this?  These signs precede the coming of the Lord.  We were told to watch and be ready.  For what?  FOR THE LORD.  I know, the other tribbers have call us nuts for obeying the bible as it literally tells us what to do.  "He can't arrive now!" they tell us so they dont bother to watch.  And they say that we will be the ones unprepared for the future?

Some guy just wrote a new book called something like "after the tribulation" where he rehashes the same tired arguments for the post-trib rapture.  I usually dont bother debunking the post-trib position because it sinks itself with one question.  Which question?  If all the believers are raptured at the end of the tribulation and all the wicked are taken away to judgement/punishment, who enters the millennium here on earth?  There would be nobody left on earth!! Nobody!  The post-trib rapture position is dead on arrival.  This doesn't even get into believers suffering under the wrath of God or any of the other massive holes in their argument.

The Lord told us to be watching and ready for Him ALWAYS.  Forget about the rapture and the second coming for a moment.  With as much mystery written into the book of Revelation as there is, what are the chances that each and every one of us has missed large points the Lord has made in that book that we just aren't understanding?  Unless a person has 100% confidence that they have absolutely nailed the interpretation of the entire book of Revelation they better have a back up plan.  What back up plan? Its called obedience to the literal Word as it was written and can be understood by a child.  The Master told us to watch.  When.  He didn't say when so what does that mean?  NOW.  The Master told us to be ready.  For what?  His arrival.  For those people out there who argue that they dont have to watch or be ready right now, well, Lord have mercy on them.

The coming of the Son of man will be just like the days of Noah and Lot.  Lot had the scriptures right?  Did he know which day the angels were going to show up and escort him out of Sodom?  Nope.  Noah knew a flood was coming but did he know when the Lord would cause it to start raining and order him into the ark?  Nope.

So here's a question thats going to gash a hole along the entire waterline of the pre-wrath and post-trib arguments.  Is it possible for the Lord to come down to the earth whenever He feels like it anytime, anyplace and knock on our door?  You bet He can.  Does the Lord owe any "pre-wrath" or "post-trib" believer any explanation whatsoever for His unannounced visit?  Nope, He doesn't owe them a thing.  We were told to watch for the Lord's coming, period.  Not in a rapture setting, not in a "second coming" setting, we were told to watch for Him PERIOD.  Who are these men to box the Lord into their shortsighted, no insight, no understanding arguments.  Is the Lord limited by man's lack of understanding?  No.

The Lord talks about a wedding in the New Testament and He is the bridegroom.  We know how the Jewish wedding tradition plays out.  The Bridegroom comes for the bride unannounced.  Does the coming of the Bridegroom have to be the rapture?  Does it have to be the 'second coming?'   The Lord said there is an escape from all and we should pray to be counted worthy of it (Luke 21:26).  The command is not good enough for many Christians today.  The promise of escape is not good enough either.  They want to argue with the Lord over a thousand different reasons they have to stay here while hell on earth is playing itself out.  Perhaps the Lord will give them what they preach and teach and expect.  We know there will be believers in the tribulation, question is which believers?  We also know there are redeemed rewarded believers in heaven BEFORE the seals are opened in Revelation 6.  The elders in heaven in Rev 5 are from every nation on earth, so thats certainly more than a handful.

If there are rewarded, redeemed men in heaven in Revelation 5 how did they get there?  Maybe it was the rapture maybe it wasnt but what does it matter the believers ARE THERE IN HEAVEN, how did they get there?  Truly this is a vexing question for those who argue against the escape.  Would you say that redeemed rewarded believers in heaven in Revelation 5 before the hellish events of Rev 6 on take place would constitute an 'escape from all?'  I would.  Did Noah escape 100% of the flood?  Yep.  Did Lot escape 100% of the fiery punishment that fell on Sodom?  Yep.  Do we have to reach to get to these conclusions or would it be obvious to a five year old?

The Lord does not lack understanding, men do.  The more I watch the events unfolding around me the less I think I understand about the timing of the events of Revelation.  That leads me to the conclusion that I better do the things I know for a fact I understand, like watching and being ready for the Lords return and praying that we may be counted worthy to escape all thats about to happen etc.  These things are not open for interpretation, they were commands given by the Lord in plain language.  All those who are so wise in their own eyes that they will not accept the Lord's statements like a little child would will likely be sorry for it, but I am not their judge.  Time will tell who the wise and foolish virgins are.

grace and peace