Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Shemitah Extended

Thanks to a sister in Christ I was sent a link that shows due to a sandstorm the Shemitah and New Year have been bumped down the timeline to:

Based on the sighting of the new moon on Sep 15 the Biblical dates for the holidays will be as follows:

Yom Teruah: sunset Sep 15 to sunset Sep 16
Yom Kippur: sunset Sep 24 to sunset Sep 25
Sukkot Day 1: sunset Sep 29 to sunset Sep 30
Shemini Atzeret: sunset Oct 6 to sunset Oct 7.

I find this to be awe inspiring, the hand of our Lord is continuously at work!  What are the implications?  For one, some distance has been created between 9/23 (everything associated with that date) and Yom Kippur/day of atonement/beginning of Jubilee.   If there was any kind of wordly trash/false flag/false whatever planned for that date, now the Lord has created some distance between His day, His Feast and that day 9/23.  Just awesome.

What stays the same?  The Jubilee year is still coming with everything we expected from it.

Its amazing to watch and all powerful, all knowing God at work (our Father :))))))).  Glory to God.