Thursday, February 18, 2016

Make America Great Again?

One of Donald Trump's slogans is "make America great again."  He makes many statements that sound persuasive but I can make you an iron clad guarantee.  Neither Donald Trump, nor any of the other politicians will move America one inch closer toward former greatness without a restoration of the Lord God of the Bible taking center stage in hearts of Americans first.  This goes for every other country and politician and people in the world as well.

The western world is circling the drain of history.  All of the things the western world once held dear are gone or in the process of leaving.  It is fascinating to watch and wonder when the people will ponder, "why is this happening?"  Some people do wonder this but they accept the answers the world gives them through their worldly pastors and worldly priests and things continue to go from bad to worse.  The thought does not occur to them that what they are being told, and what they have been told from the beginning is a lie.  The pastors today encourage the people to "get out and vote for change" just like they have every 4 years for years without end and the churches, the cities and the nations continue to die.  At what point do the people say to themselves "this is not working" and look for answers somewhere else?

The churches are dead, therefore the cities are dead.  The cities are dead therefore the nations are dead and dying.  What do I mean dead?  No presence of the Lord and no power of the Lord.  The people show up every week on Wednesday and Sunday to play church.  They never stop to ask themselves "is this it?  Is this all there is?"  The Lord never shows up.  They do not experience His presence, they do not experience His power but they continue to play the same religious games until they are old and grey then they themselves die and its all over.  People have a tolerance for death that is remarkable.

What will it take to turn things around?  On a large scale this is almost impossible, but on a small scale people can say "enough is enough" with tolerating religious games.  What is the definition of insanity?  Doing the same  things over and over yet expecting a different result each time.  People play church this way.  Enough.  It starts inside each one of us.  We make it our mission to find the Lord our God, His presence and His power.  Period.  It must be a personal quest, nobody else it going to help you do it in fact most people will think you have lost it when you reject this worlds religious systems to find the living God.

Here it is right here:

Jeremiah 29:13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

People like to play at church and play the religious game but they really dont want Him to enough to seek Him with all their heart.  And I am no ones judge in this matter, it is the Lord Himself who judges each of our hearts.  It is the all powerful all knowing God of Creation who is examining each of our hearts every minute of every day to determine its attitude toward Him and whether we are worthy of His presence and power.

This is not a thing to be treated lightly but neither are the death in the churches, cities and nations around us.  We cannot play around with the Lord.  He demands obedience.  He demands faith and faithfulness.   He demands repentance and 100% effort to shed the sin that hounds us in this world until we leave this place.  In short He expects us to sell out for Him.  What that means, He must teach you do not assume you know what that means either.

There will be no greatness returning at any level in this nation or any nation until the Lord God Jehovah, YAHWEH our Father and His Son our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit are put at the very center of everything.  Life flows from the inside out.  He must be at the center of the inside, THEN we might see some greatness return.  Until that happens discount everything you hear from this presidential hopefuls as pipe-dreams.

grace and peace