Monday, July 20, 2020

Space Rocks Headed Toward Earth?

This makes alot more sense than the scamdemic.  Here is a brother who has some thoughts to share on possible space rocks headed our direction-video here.

What else makes sense about the possibility of space rocks headed toward earth?  The tribulation signs the Lord has sent us:

11/4/2016-Nasa 'hypothetical' asteroid strike on the earth=in September 2020
August 2017-Great American Eclipse-add 3.5 years=2021
Lunar Tetrad of 2014-2015-add 7 years =2021-2022
2014-2015 new Shemitah year-add 7 years =2021-2022

Add to this the view from where we stand here in July of 2020.  The scamdemic makes no sense whatsoever from any point of view one wants to view it from.  The first virus in history that all the worlds governments agree to shut down their economies for extended periods of time, and in general treat this virus as if its never going away....ever.  On the face of it, its utterly ridiculous.  Things start to make more sense when you add in the greed and corruption of Bill Gates and company but even then all the pieces dont quite fit.  What the space rock possibility helps us make sense of is Trumps willingness to play along with the virus narrative as long as he has without firing Fauci and Birx.  This has been a puzzle piece that has not quite fit.  Even if he did not fire them he could bring in a team of physicians that would in effect dilute Fauci's nonsense into irrelevance but he has chosen not to do that.

The space rock possibility also brings into focus the Lord's message to us that He is part of not allowing 'business as usual' to return.  There is a blessing in this abnormal, dystopian time we are living in 2020.  The fact that a number of different monkey wrenches have been thrown into our 'business as usual' machinery is no accident.  The Lord wants our attention and the Church was asleep.  All of us have had to experience changes to what used to be business as usual.  In His grace, our Lord has warned us and send a powerful wake up call to all of us before 'bad' really arrives.  What we have seen so far has been a warm up act.

What the enemy meant for evil, our Lord meant for good.  Yes, the enemy wants to kill, steal and destroy through the current scamdemic, riots etc.  The Lord wants us to look at these events, rotate our heads back and look up.  He is coming just like He said He would on an unknown day and hour.  We, the Church need to have our eyes laser focused on Him and what He wants us to do in this day and age.  We have been given warning after warning and opportunity after opportunity to wake up and snap out of the slumber most were in before all this madness descended on the earth.

It is time for us to get on our knees in prayer and steadfast attention to every whisper the Spirit of the Lord utters.  This post is called are space rocks headed toward earth, the answer is 100% YES (book of revelation is full of them).  The trick is we do not know when.  Let us make every effort to be found at peace with the Lord our God so we are not ashamed when we stand before Him.  The warnings are all around us, this world is being shaken.  Nobody guaranteed any of us tomorrow, all we have is the present.  Let us use our present to re-dedicate, re-focus and re-energize our walk with the Lord.  We all, every one of us will need this to stand in the days ahead.

Glory to God
grace and peace