Monday, October 01, 2007

Interesting Reading for 10/1/2007

History does have a way of repeating itself. Maybe that is because we have the imperfections of Adam and Eve and humanity was the same inclination to do evil thing that were practiced by our forefathers. Similar actions eventually produce the same results, if left unchecked.God brought judgment on the religious leaders of Jesus' day because of their hypocrisy, intolerance, and bloodshed. (Matthew 23:29-35) These very same words that Jesus addressed to the religious leaders of his day are applied to the coming execution of the mystery religious system of Babylon in Revelation 18:24. The ancient nation of Israel was likened to a prostitute in Ezekiel chapter 16 because it made alliances with such neighboring nations of Assyria and worshiped other gods while claiming to be the "wife" of the one true God Yahweh. A prostitute could be described as a woman who was engaged but had seperate "lovers" on the side. Many of the world's religious organizations also claim to represent the one true God but they commit spiritual adultery by means of idolatry and involvement in the world's political and economic affairs. The Bible talks about the "virgin bride of Christ," a bride this is holy, unblemished, and without any spot from the world. This obviously does NOT refer to any of the mainstream "Christianity" or any of the religious organizations that follow the model of Roman Emperor Constantine the Great's church-state system and its system of theology. The Anti-Christ also has a Church, Satan counterfeits everything that God does. THe church-state system of Christendom has proven by its actions that it is a tool of the Devil, it is most definitely not the bride of Christ. This church-state system places itself in the seat of Christ, much in the same manner that the Pharisees and Sadducees placed themselves in the seat of Moses. (Matthew 23:1-3) This "Man" of lawlessness will be revealed or exposed for the whole world to see, people will then realize what this "MAN" of lawlessness really is and how Satan's church system had deceived many people since its start at the Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D.

Last week I was working with Swiss Public Television doing a documentary on "Joe Bageant's Winchester." During the process I ran into a man from one of the wealthy local families who works in global finance abroad, has some murky US State Department connection with his work, and owns a brokerage in New York. We yakked bit, he agreed that there is a worldwide financial collapse coming, then he asked what I was doing back in town. I explained we were filming my people, the people born on the wrong side of the tracks. The working grunts. "Well when they find out what has been done to them and that it can never be fixed I don't want to be in this country." I thought such a bold faced admission of our condition was pretty bad.