Tuesday, October 09, 2007

We Shall Appear With Him

<< Colossians 3 >>Young's Literal Translation

1 If, then, ye were raised with the Christ, the things above seek ye, where the Christ is, on the right hand of God seated, 2 the things above mind ye, not the things upon the earth, 3 for ye did die, and your life hath been hid with the Christ in God; 4 when the Christ -- our life -- may be manifested, then also we with him shall be manifested in glory.

Time is short, the rapture will be upon us any second now. Last night I had a dream that Washington DC had been nuked. People's faces were burning, military personnel were trying to get their NBC gear on. The dream seemed very real. No timing was included in the dream. We know from watching what's happening in the world around us that time is very short. Be watching, be ready, He stands at the door. Grace and Peace