Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Take a Hard Look at Yourself

1 Tim4:15 of these things be careful; in these things be, that thy advancement may be manifest in all things; 16 take heed to thyself, and to the teaching; remain in them, for this thing doing, both thyself thou shalt save, and those hearing thee.

Think for a moment about the people in this world that you love/care about. The Word clearly tells us here that keeping ourselves on the narrow and straight path, in the faith is not only going to save you, but also those hearing you....

Think deeply about that....what an incredible responsibility. Each one of us has people,even if it's only one other person, who we have favor with, who we can speak to without barriers and shields up. This does'nt mean we ram anything down people's throats. Jesus never forced Himself on anyone.

This morning I was thinking about friends and family who are not in Christ yet, my heart was breaking thinking about them possibly suffering for eternity. Don't we want those we care about to be with us in heaven? We can forcefully advance the kingdom by starting with ourselves. Time is short, how do we know how much time is left? How many more prayers will we be able to offer up on behalf of those we love? I don't know, but let's be diligent, let us love with actions (prayer) and not just words. Grace and Peace be yours from God our Father and our Saviour Jesus Christ