Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Time is Short

I am impressed this morning by the shortness of time. I have posted before on what the Lord has done with me personally. I have been put "on notice" now for about a year, by the lord. It's tough to describe what this means aside from the fact that I know, deep down aside, with absolute certainty, that the rapture will occur any day now, along with the revelation of anti-christ, and the "day of the Lord." I don't know a day of an hour, but I know that I've been put on notice. I'm 38 years old now and never before in my christian life have I ever had this kind of "being put on notice" kind of intuitive knowing that there's no time left. Like I said, it's been like a year now, and every day the "knowing" is more confirmed. I write to you brothers and sisters today to share with you some recent things I see as a watchman on the wall.

The world economy is in BIG trouble. The trouble is so big in fact that it's irreversible. We are on a collision course with some very big events. Namely, the anti-christ and his satanic earthly kingdom, aka the "new world order." Look around, people are going under left and right, no jobs, no house, no food, what's next?

The bible says the wicked won't see the day of the Lord coming. Why is that? For one, they are spiritually blind. Also, the way things are coming on the world, it's like watching a train wreck in slow motion. People see the wreck coming, but since it's happening in slow motion they feel like they'll have plenty of time to move out of the way. There's no one major event out there that screams at them "DANGER, RUN FOR COVER" so they carry on as they always have. It's like the story of the frog sitting in a pot of water where the heat is gradually turned up, by the time the water reaches boiling, the frog wants out but it's unable to get out.

The world is today like an audience sitting in a large theater. They are sitting in their seats, watching the stage being set. One tribulation event after the other is being rolled out onto the stage in full view of the audience, they see it happening and yet they do nothing, as though they are in some kind of trance. Does the show really have to start before people will believe that the stage pieces will come to life and play their parts?

The world as we knew it before Sept 11, 2001 is gone, FOREVER. This world is being transformed, right now, today into a satanic playground, where the anti-christ and his minions will setup their satanic kingdom and show mankind how "wonderful" it can be. The stage is almost completely set, the Lord has informed me (with an intuitive "knowing") that it's about to start. I've known this for about a year. The Lord is long suffering, He does'nt want anyone to be lost. His servants are warning anyone who will listen that time has run out. We are now looking at hours and days, maybe months before time is up. The rapture is going to occur in the twinkling of an eye, either men are ready or they are not. The time to get right with Jesus is TODAY, the time to perfect holiness is TODAY, the time to get rid of whatever hinders your walk with the Creator is TODAY. I don't know the day or hour, but good Lord, I have something inside of me that's burning a little hotter every day, telling me to tell you that THERE'S NO TIME LEFT TO MESS AROUND. Please, get right with the Creator and his Son Jesus Christ today, I'm begging you. Grace and Peace.