Tuesday, April 19, 2011


A short note today of what has been on this writer's mind:

1. The Lord could come back for us any day now, we must be ready and watching

2. I believe the Lord pointed my attention to the comets (and planet Nibiru) coming in this fall to prepare us before they get here. What will we do, and how will we act when we are shown destruction coming towards us and we have plenty of time to react? The tests are truly coming at us from every angle.

Just to make things clear, the Lord never whispered anything in my ear about any of these incoming celestial bodies. He (I believe) nudged me to begin looking up. I looked up and I am reporting to you from my point of view what I see. I am not a scientist and I am not qualified in any academic way to judge what I see coming at us. I do have the Spirit of God living inside of me but I don't hear Him saying anything to me about this stuff, I feel like I'm making this observation on my own and that makes me very uncomfortable. I guess we shall see what happens.

I have no idea exactly what is going to happen, but I feel certain that whatever it is, it will not be good. I could absolutely be wrong about this. So why write about it? If I see what I believe is serious danger coming and I do not write to you about it, I could not live with myself.

3. Things are not business as usual anymore. There have been physical changes to this earth and to us, unlike anything I have seen or felt before. If you are feeling weird these days, its not just you...its everybody (that will admit it). This calls for strength and patience on our part. This also calls for taking the attitude of a soldier. Soldiers endure hardship as part of their job, we need to adopt this outlook for ourselves now on a permanent basis. Endure hardship like a soldier, with patience for yourself, for your family and friends, for all the brothers and most of all for Him.

Many of us forget, we are at war. This is spiritual war and the battle is heating up. Do not feel surprised if you feel battle scarred and you cannot pinpoint why. If you are a true Christian, that is all the why you need to know.

4. The events in Japan have put a wall up on the timeline for this earth. Should the end times events not start soon, the radioactive poisoning of the earth will take care of the end times on its own. What does that mean? It means an exclamation point has been put on every day we now live on earth. Be watching, be ready.

5. The Lord impressed upon me last night that we need to immunize ourselves from this world by saturating our inner man with the Word. We need to spend more time soaking our spirit in the Word to deal with what is going on around us. We will deal with and overcome the problems around us from the inside out. Our spirits need the medicine and food that the Word provides to withstand the pressure from outside being exerted on us everyday now. Daily Word saturation is now a necessity for us to remain healthy spiritually, mentally and physically.

6. Be strong. Encourage those around you and some of that will rub back off on you. Remember the promises He made to us. There is an escape coming. Remember all the past victories He has granted you. Overflow with thanks and praise and gratitude to the Lord for anything and everything you possibly can think of.

7. There are too many "I's" in this post, and this writer :-) has been trying to get all personal pronouns out of his writing. "I" have nothing to do with anything. You and the Lord are the only personalities this writer would like to reference on this blog. Cutting "I" out of the writing isn't easy.

Sorry if it all seems disjointed. What you read above is roughly what is going through my mind these days. I am asking the Lord for many things and prayers are being answered. I would like to hear from Him more but it appears that He has withdrawn His voice somewhat. I do not hear Him as frequently as usual. I believe this is like everything else, a test that must be passed so our faith will be proved to be true through everything.

keep the faith, grace and peace.