Friday, April 29, 2011

David Wilkerson With the Lord

I just received the news that our brother, David Wilkerson has gone to be with the Lord. As you know, this writer rejects 99% of the "pastors" of this world because I cannot see their biblical authority or biblical legal charter for what they claim to be and do. Elders, not "one man show" CEO style pastors should fill the churches.

In spite of my obvious distaste for the abuse of the pastoral system, I loved brother Wilkerson. I feel his loss personally. He was the only, and I literally mean only "pastor" whose blog I read.

The news that brother Wilkerson has gone to be with the Lord causes me both grief and joy. Grief for ourselves who are left here to deal with this world without this brother, and joy for this brother who now is filled (I believe) with unspeakable joy and gladness. I believe from what I saw of his writings that this brother "finished the race" and he did it "in Christ" till the end.

All glory and power and honor and splendor and wealth and majesty and praise be to the only God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. May He strengthen us and give us wisdom to make up for the loss of this beloved brother of ours.

grace and peace