Monday, March 11, 2013

The Signs Just Keep Coming: Locusts Hit Israel

The locust swarm that hit Egypt last week has made its way to Israel just in time for Obama's visit and Passover.  Just when you thought we couldn't pile anything else into the window of time around 3/22 now we have this.

Remember Obama is the guy who has a fly problem too.  So does it make you wonder as you watch the daily news what kind of times we are living in?  As a refresher here are the plagues that struck Egypt in Moses' day:

Last year I lost track of how many rivers turned to blood we saw.  There are posts on this blog detailing them.  We've got Obama and his fly problem-check.  We have the locust problem over Egypt and now Israel.  Did you happen to catch the hail storm that rained hail/"ice boulders" down on India in January?  The scientists seem to be baffled as they admit in the hail story.

Is it a coincidence that the locust plague is approaching Israel days before Passover just as the plagues that struck Egypt did?  If I were a math genius I might break out a calculator and crank out how statistically improbable all of these events converging on late March are.  Each and every event we are witnessing are pushing that number higher and higher to the point where arguing something is not going on should make you suspect.

Try to tell these things to most people around you and by the second sentence you can see their eyes rolling.  After watching for years I have come to the conclusion that if you think you see an event coming its probably not going to happen on the day you think it will.  How many times have we seen this in the past?  This calls for patience.  On the other hand things are getting so blatant they are hard to ignore.

The excuses "they" have come up with to explain things away are so ridiculous they border on comedy.  How pray tell will they explain away 30 million locusts showing up out of nowhere?  How do they explain boulder sized hail falling on India?  How do they explain away a 10,000 ton meteor falling to the earth during the same week they preached "no need to worry about falling space rocks?"

What did the Lord tell us to do?  Watch and be ready.  The wicked won't see it coming, they will not understand.  We however are watching and ready (I pray) every day.  We could meet our Lord any hour of any day.  We could escape out by a way we do not imagine, we could rapture out, we could die out, who knows?  The Lord told us to be ready to meet Him when He shows up at our door and only a fool would disregard that command especially in light of what we are seeing around us.

Keep the faith, be watching and ready.

grace and peace.