Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Comet ISON and 2015

In the recent post here about 2015 I forgot to add an important piece:  comet ISON.  According to the 'experts' this comet will be the brightest comet ever, also they call it "the comet of the century" etc.  Then they go on to tell us there is nothing special about it...Let me tell you what is special about it, it is a sign in the heavens that mankind cannot influence or fake or false flag.  The Lord has given mankind signs in the pristine areas of the universe where mankind is completely 100% impotent.

So think about the timing, end of 2013 comet ISON shows up.  Comets have been known throughout history as signs of impending doom.  Then in 2014 we have the beginning of the lunar tetrads, and in 2015 we have the end of of the lunar tetrads added to two full solar eclipses all on the Lord's feast days.

I thought perhaps the economic doom that is coming to this world may wait until 2015, but I read an analysis piece recently that makes a convincing article for economic collapse this fall, 2013.  We will not be sure until we get there but what do the Lord's signs in the heavens tell us?  What time period do they mark out?  What does that mean?

What it all means is for you to decide.  The Lord told us to be watching daily, so thats what this brother is doing.  Only the blind would deny that each day things get worse for the systems of this earth.  Is the economy getting better? No.  Is society getting better? No.  Is the earth getting better? No.  Are nations getting better? No.  Are religious people getting better?  No.  All is in terminal decline.  Where is it all headed?  Open the book of Revelation 6 and read on till the end.  The Lord said this would happen and it is happening.  The Lord is not mocked, men reap what they sow.

I know that for the mocker, the fool and the shill, comets and signs in the heavens are nothing.  "The world will go on as it always has," they say.  Look around you, does it look like the world is holding its ground?  Does it really look like tomorrow will be just like today?  The world is circling the drain of history and the destruction will be monumental when it gets here.

Should the believer fear?  No, we have a hiding place and His name is the Lord God Almighty.  Do a word search in the Bible for "hiding place."  The Lord takes His Word seriously and so should we.  We have a real hiding place, a real refuge in Christ.

grace and peace