Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Another Blood Red River: Slovakia

link here.

We have signs all over the heavens and signs all over the earth.  This is surely one of them.  Last time it was some "dye factory" to blame, now a slaughter house is to blame.  Lets be clear about one thing, throughout the entire tribulation men will NEVER give God the glory and tell people "surely the hand of the Lord is at work here, perhaps we should repent!"

No, they will continue to come up with utterly stupid and ridiculous explanations like "bottle rockets shot thousands of birds down" in Arkansas, and rivers are running red all over the world because of this or that or another reason.  What you'll notice as well is there is no follow up.  Nobody ever comes back later and says 'oh yea we confirmed that some guy at the dye factory trucked millions of gallons of red dye over to the river and smoke his crack pipe as he dumped it all in.'  Nope, you get the demeaning and ridiculous blow off excuse then silence.

I have a much much better explanation for all of these rivers worldwide turning to blood:

Revelation 16:4 
... Then the third angel poured out his bowl on the rivers
and springs, and they became blood.

A merciful God warns the world first before He makes them drink blood for all of the blood they have spilled.....What we are seeing is the mercy of multiple warnings before showtime.

grace and peace