Sunday, December 01, 2013

Eyes Forward

Here we are in December 2013.  Amazing that the time has passed so quickly.  What do we see in the near term future?  Blood moons..the first of which is on Passover 2014, April 14 to be exact.  What is so interesting about this sign?  Mankind cannot dilute it or pollute it in anyway.  They do not have the ability to false flag it or alter it.  There is a tetrad, four blood moons coming all on the Lord's feast days.

What is so interesting about the first one coming up?  If you go to you will see that April of 2014 is the first month of spiritual year 6000.  If you go to April of 2015 you will see that it is the end of a 50 year jubilee cycle, and passover 2015 sees the third of the lunar tetrad blood moons.

What does this mean?  I am not sure.  The point in writing to you today is to point out what the Lord has emphasized in the heavens.  Why is the Lord highlighting passover and sukkot two years in a row?  What is going on during passover and sukkot that we can observe?  Part of what we can observe has been written above.

Without getting into the weeds, what can we say about passover?  What happened?  The Lord protected His people while killing off the enemy's children.  To what end?  To set His people free, and to demonstrate His power to all.  How do these lessons apply to 2014-2015?  I don't know but seeing we are in Dec of 2013 we are all about to find out.

grace and peace