Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Is America Really End Times Babylon?

 "But brother D, my pastor said America is revived Rome!" (have them read Revelation 18, if they can find the word Rome in there anywhere please let me know...)

"But brother D what about this?  But brother D what about that?"

We can keep this real simple.

Step 1.

Understand the nature of God.  

Step 2.

Lets assume America was not end time Babylon.  Fine, now we look at America and start counting off one after the other all the exact same characteristics and sins the end time Babylon is guilty of where America matches Babylon exactly.  So as a matter of thought exercise, if America was not end time Babylon but was guilty of all the same exact sins and transgressions as end time Babylon, then what?  Then we refer back to step 1, the nature of God.  If the Lord God is going to raze Babylon to the ground and America is guilty of everything Babylon is guilty of, what do you think is going to happen to America?  Case closed.

Our God is a righteous judge.  You can be sure He is not going to have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah for what He did to them after the world sees what is done to Babylon.  Re-read Jeremiah 50-51, He spells it out line by line and it isnt pretty.

Ok fine, so America is Babylon-now what?  We do our job.  We use our talents, skills and abilities.  We make sure we remain hyper aware of the hour we are in and where we live so we can be sure to pray ourselves into the bullseye center of our Lord's will.  We do what the Spirit of the Lord tells us to do.  We pray, we fast, we encourage, we warn.  This short list is more than a full time job for anyone.

Let us to what we were put here to do while the days still enjoys some fragments of normalcy.

The Lord God is very good.

Glory to God

grace and peace