Monday, June 16, 2008

Endtimes Endgame, When Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

Have you been watching the news lately? What have you seen? Here's what I've seen:

Wars and rumors of wars

Unprecedented flooding, tornadoes, earthquakes of a scale and frequency that tell me, something is about to be "given birth." The world over is setting records almost daily for destructive weather phenomena.

Full blown christian apostasy, no salt, no light. So called christianity is so deeply in bed with the world that they are indistinguishable from each other.

Judging by both the direction and velocity of current events, I wonder, and ask the Lord frequently, how much time is left? How much higher can gas prices, food prices, unemployment, and housing market collapse go before EVERYTHING gets turned upside down? How many more natural disasters can the world withstand, with their associated destruction of food crops before everyone starves?

To this point the world has proven remarkably resiliant at absorbing the beating it has taken and still keep ticking. I can assure you of this, we cannot continue on this trajectory for much longer without something MAJOR happening. There is nothing, NOTHING, positive in the short to midterm outlook for this world. This is a perfect storm. Each and every contributing factor to this storm is incredibly powerful and negative in it's own right, put together, they are a devastating combination. That said, what do I expect to see in the near term future, any day now?

At some point, things will get bad enough, the population of the world will have been sufficiently "squeezed" to set the satanic endgame in motion. I don't think satan pulls the trigger on this, our God does. Things start with the rapture of the church...any day now. Once the few believers who actually are salt and light in this world are pulled out, full scale demonic invasion commences. Since satan and his angels like to present themselves as angels of light, how would this invasion occur without appearing overtly demonic? Have you seen movie after movie after movie relating to aliens, ufo's? Independence day, War of the worlds, Star trek, star wars, every and any movie that conditions men to make "contact' with otherworldly beings, there have been lots of them. Almost every day I read about new ufo sightings around the world. It's almost a daily occurence now. Recently the vatican made a statement that it's okay to believe in aliens and God. The world is being prepped for contact. So the rapture happens, the demonic flood pours in, and the "day of the Lord" begins which kicks of the 7 year tribulation period. All this happens in a VERY short period of time. If you think people's heads are already spinning from a world that seems unreal today, just wait till the rapture occurs.

Another possibility in the near term future is the start of WW3. The tensions in the world are already spilling over into the streets, what better way to "vent" and take people's minds off of their deteriorating circumstances than to wave a flag in their face and focus all their pent up frustration toward war? The advent of another World War would possibly delay the events I detailed earlier in this post. In any case, I truly believe that most of the things written about here are coming to this world in very short order. What does that mean? It means, repent, it means wake up, it means, get our act together so that when our Lord does come for us, He finds us doing things befitting of faithful servants. I've been saying there's no time left for a couple of years now, the Lord is patient with this world not wanting any to perish, but when He returns will he find faith on earth? Grace and peace, may the Lord's face shine upon you today.