Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Times of Refreshing

What does the Lord say we should do so that we may be refreshed?

ACTS3:19“Therefore repent and return, so that your sins may be wiped away, in order that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord;

Repent and return. How hard is that? The problem is, the first step in any serious recovery program is ADMITTING THERE'S A PROBLEM, with who? With you.......I'm not pointing to anyone in particular of course, but repenting is an individual act, so is returning. That's why today's wolf in sheeps clothing pastors rarely if ever talk about it. They are smart, because if the true gospel was ever preached in 99% of todays churches, people would start to "get it" and walk right out the door. Why do you think the Jews were so upset when Jesus preached the gospel, because people left their religious system and started following Jesus. That effectively cut the jewish leaders off at the knees, no followers, no money, no money, no power, so as Jesus performed miracle after miracle, the Jews plotted how they could kill Jesus. Make no mistake about it, that pastor you idolize, who seems so nice, so pleasant, so "godly," if you mentioned "giving to God" anyplace other than their pocket, you'd see the VIPER come out, guaranteed. Come out from among them, REPENT and RETURN to your Creator, to Jesus the Son of God. You don't need a hired hand to guide you. IF...you are a child of the King, you sit at the King's table, what need do you have of a hireling to teach you what your Father wants to say to you? If you are married, do you ask some other man or woman to explain to you what your spouse wants to tell you him/herself? Does'nt that sound a bit retarded? It is, it's downright SICK. We are the bride of Christ, anyone or anything that tries to pry itself in between the bride and groom is an ENEMY...believe that. grace and peace