Monday, June 09, 2008

Our Loving Father

I wanted to share with you what a loving Father we have. During the worst housing market in a generation, in one of the markets listed among the top 10 worst (Phoenix, AZ) in a tanking economy, with joblessness and foreclosures rampant everywhere, we just sold our house. Or maybe I should say, the Lord sold it. Our Father gave me a couple things to think about while it was on the market: 1. His faithfulness and love for us in this matter started in 2003 when we bought the house, not just in 2008 when we we're selling it. 2. He would send a buyer, sent by Him specifically to buy our house. His Word sustained us throughout, things like "if you do not stand on your faith you will not stand at all," "believe that you have received what you ask for in prayer," Psalms 1,34,37 and many other places in the Word. There is no question that His Word is as active, living, and powerful today as it ever was. We serve a mighty God, but he is also a loving father. He delights in the well being of his servants. I will be 39 this month and not once, EVER has he ever failed me or my family. He has come through for us over and over and over again. What else in my life has that kind of track record? Nothing. People want to know why I believe in my God, our God? I don't know where to start, the peace within me, a 100% record of loving faithfullness to me and my family, favor in the eyes of others, love, peace in the midst of a hellish and turbulent generation, the list goes on. Yea, I'm convinced I'm onto something real here. People can be argued into and out of positions, but once someone has been experienced into something, good luck trying to argue them out of their experience. Thank you thank you thank you Lord Jesus and our loving Father for your answer to yet another prayer. Thank you also to those who supported us in prayer. May you be encouraged today, time is short, VERY short, pray for all those in Christ, grace and peace.