Saturday, August 06, 2011

Earth Changes

Comet Honda will be at earth perigee on Aug 15. Earthquakes are ramping up, volcanic activity is up. Check out the freeware called earthquake 3D. You can see whats happening for yourselves. Honda is inbound, ELE-nin is inbound, comet Levy is inbound, a large asteroid I've forgotten the name of is inbound and possibly the biggest surprise of all is inbound behind all of this. What we can see appears to be a warning for what we cannot see yet.

What happened to Japan on March 11, 2011 was real. It was not the figment of this writer's imagination and the event there occurred precisely on the day that comet 2000 PN9 was at earth perigee. Look around, be watching, be ready.

In case you have not noticed the world economy is not doing so well. Coincidentally? this is at the same time that all this space traffic is inbound to the earth.

What does this all mean? It means we need to be watching and ready for the Bridegroom. "What can I do about any of it?" is a question frequently asked today. You can pray, you can be found watching and ready regardless of what happens (good or bad) in the days ahead.

We have a Lord in heaven who has told us what we should be doing. It would be wise of us as servants to do what we were told to do. Do not count on men to tell you what to do. Read the Master's instructions for can find them in the Bible.

Thats all for now. Grace and peace