Tuesday, August 02, 2011

In The Window

It is now August 2011. On August 15th comet Honda achieves perigee with the earth. Next month "comet ELE-nin" reaches perehelion with the sun, then in October is at its perigee with the earth.

The US "con"gress just signed the countries financial death warrant by piling more debt on top of the already staggering debt this country owes.

So what you ask? The fall feast days of the Lord are the only feasts that have not yet been prophetically fulfilled. Is it possible that this fall we see some prophetic fulfillment of those feast days? It is possible. Am I predicting that anything will happen this fall? NO

We have been tasked by our Master to be watching and ready. Why does this writer confront you with comets and economic doom? We have been tasked to be watching and ready, that is why. What does apparent near term doom have to do with watching and being ready? It has everything to do with it. When we stand face to face with our Master, either because we died out or we raptured out, we will be glad if we were watching and ready before we left the earth.

What happens if the worst happens and horrific natural and supernatural events afflict this earth over the next days and weeks ahead of us? What happens is it will be good for those who are found watching and ready for whatever happens. "What can I do about it" and "why should I worry" are two things this writer often hears. You should worry if you are not right with the Lord and what you can do about it is.....How many times can it be said? Be watching and be ready. Those are not my words, those are the Master's Words.

Real readiness is spiritual readiness. We can be spiritually ready for whatever comes our way in the days ahead. I can stock food and gas and silver and gold till it reaches the ceilings but if the Lord is not guiding my preparedness I do it all in vain. We focus on Him and He shows us where to focus in the world around us. He does this individually, one person at a time. What He has me doing is not necessarily what you should be doing. The caveat to this is what was said initially, we must focus on Him. That is something we all must do first.

Any day now things could get ugly. What's going on around us does not end in September or October or November. What this writer has obtained by a combination of God given senses plus faith, we are entering a time of indefinite length and tremendous potential for destruction.

Again, why does this matter? Re-read Matt 24 and Luke 17 and Genesis 7. The stories of Noah and Lot go how? Noah entered the ark THEN destruction came. Lot left Sodom THEN fire fell on the city. Is that my version of the story? No, that is God Almighty's version of the stories and He tells us that it will be exactly like the days of Noah and Lot sometime in our future.

Will the days of the tribulation be characterized by eating and drinking, planting and building, marrying and giving in marriage? When I read the book of Revelation, after chapter 5 all I see is death, death and more horrific death. The way death arrives varies but the theme is massive death and destruction. "These are the days of vengeance" says the Lord. Wrath, judgement, vengeance are what characterize the post Rev 5 book of Revelation, again, not my words...HIS Word. Go read it for yourself.

We are the Bride of Christ. The Bride is to be ready for the return of the Bridegroom. In fact, that is her primary duty once the Bridegroom goes away to prepare a place for her. Are we the Bride of Christ or not? Yes, undeniably we are. Has the Lord Jesus Christ our Bridegroom gone away to prepare a place for us or not? Yes He has, undeniably and without dispute He has. Should our duty be to expectantly look for the Bridegroom every hour of every day and night or not? Without dispute, undeniably YES it absolutely positively is our duty to do exactly that. Anyone who tells you not to do that should be considered a thief and a liar and a murderer.

Whoa brother D did you say a murderer? Well, what would you call a person who talked you into not being ready to enter the ark when the door was opened? What will characterize this earth after the door is closed (Matt 25, Rev 3, Rev 4)? Death, wrath, judgement, vengeance will be upon the earth. What will happen to believers who do not take the mark? They will be slaughtered. And what would that make people who talked others into missing the escape? It will make them murderers.

Fact: Noah escaped the flood of his day. Argue that.
Fact: Lot escaped the fiery destruction of Sodom. Argue that.
Fact: Another escape is coming, an escape from all. Just as it was in the days of Noah and Lot. The Lords own Words, not mine...argue that.

In Noah's day, the flood was a worldwide destruction. Noah was lifted high above the earth, over and above the destruction of his day. Only the blind and the willfully disobedient could miss the message. People today willfully ignore the command to pray that they may be counted worthy to escape all that is about to happen. They willfully disobey this because some men somewhere have convinced them that the words of men hold more power than the Word of God. So they do not believe the Lord Jesus Christ when He tells us that there will be an escape from ALL that is about to happen. Are there idle Words in the bible that the Lord should use the Word ALL when He didn't mean all?

There was a door open for Noah in Genesis 7. There is a door opened for the wise virgins in Matt 25. There is a door opened for the Philadelphian church in Rev 3. There is a door open in heaven in Rev 4. The Lord shut the door in Gen 7. The Lord shut the door in Matt 25. And what does He tell those who were not ready when the door was opened? That is something you and I NEVER want to hear.

These are the days of warning. We have all been warned. What if nothing unusual happens in August, or Sept or Oct, or Nov, or Dec 2011? You were watching and you were ready in obedience to the command given to all of us by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Each and every time something monumentally bad happens in this world we hear the same tired words from this world..."who could have known?" And each and every time when we look around we can see that a few small voices did warn them of what happened. The bible is a book of many things, but a major theme throughout all of the prophetic writings are a warning..to us.

I have been warned. You have been warned. Let us enjoy the days of grace that have been afforded us thus far in a time and age that is as wicked and sinful as any that has ever plagued this earth. Days of judgement and wrath and vengeance are coming. Our Lord has given us a simple command. Be watching. Be ready.

These are the things this writer hears the Lord saying today. May He have mercy on us all.

grace and peace