Monday, August 12, 2013

Thousands Of Dead Birds-Canada

Interesting article here with video.

If you remember a couple years ago the 'experts' told us fireworks shot the birds out of the sky in Arkansas on new years eve.  Now we have eyewitnesses that saw the birds in trees by the thousands and right in front of their eyes they fell out of the trees looking dizzy and disoriented.

Allow me to speculate based more on fact than wild fantasy.  The magnetosphere of the earth is weakening by the day.  The magnetosphere protects the earth from radiation, cosmic rays and all the other hazardous stuff that the sun spits at us.  As the earth's shield goes down (looking like swiss cheese in some areas) the nasty energy we are normally protected from gets through and fries whatever is in its path.  If the magnetosphere is weakening and holes are occuring in spots, at the point where those holes are living creatures are getting the full brunt of whatever is coming through.  Smaller creatures (like birds) would be more affected than larger creatures.

Have you walked around and felt lightheaded, foggy, disoriented etc?  Has it been for awhile?  Its not your imagination, we are electrical beings.  When the electric or magnetic fields go whacky we feel it.

The 'experts' are never going to tell the truth.  They don't want the herd of humanity to panic.

Add this evidence to the dead fish, the sinkholes, planes going down non-stop, mass train derailments, earthquakes hitting with more intensity and more frequently (for the big ones), massive bunker building programs by the governments of the world etc etc etc and you get what the Lord already told us would happen.  The evidence we are seeing around us is directly linked to Revelation 6 and Revelation 8.  All we have to do is open our eyes and connect the dots.  Science does not debunk God and His presence, it supports Him.  Who created science?  Yep, our Lord did.

These dead animals and earthquakes and sinkholes have also been returning in a cyclical pattern.  We have been tracking the large quakes here for years along with all the rest.  You would think the 'experts' would be all over this and warning the people of what is coming, but they won't.  Instead you will hear an endless list of ridiculous and mundane excuses that people can latch onto to tell themselves "everything's okay, nothing to worry about here!"  That is of course until its too late and what is coming smacks them between the eyes and denial is no longer an option.

Forget my opinions, what does the Lord say will happen?  Is there evidence right now that supports what the Lord said will happen?  There is no doubt in this writer's mind whatsoever, but you be the judge for you and yours.

grace and peace