Monday, April 22, 2024

40 Days of Repentance, Day 14

 April 8 was not a figment of our imagination.  It was a real warning, that on the flip side came with real hope.  We as believers must leave behind the old, dead, stale buffet style churchianity which is Nicolaitan and is something the Lord God says He hates (Rev 2:6).  The so called churches of this world are dying because they have no light and no life.  Darkness is thick over the land because the so called churches have no light and no life.  Now is the time for a solution centered approach to the future.

What is the solution to the myriad problems we see around us?  A return to the fundamentals of the faith.  Right, nothing new-this is something older than the hills.  The prescription the Spirit of the Lord has issued to us is repentance, revival and righteousness.  Another way of saying this is a return to focus on the Lord.  As believers our primary service is to Him.  We love on Him, wait on Him and do whatever else it is we know pleases Him.  Do these things and see what happens.  The enemy will get evaporated.

The Bible is the book of answers and solutions.  We need alot of both right now.  The servant of the Lord who writes to you today has heard the Spirit of the Lord clearly on this.  He is doing something new here.  We have turned a corner and are headed out in a different direction.  The key is to follow Him where He leads.  We keep our eyes on Christ and the rest will more or less take care of itself.

The Spirit impressed on this nobody the fact that the reason we the Church are still here on this earth is because we have work to do.  The lights need to be turned back on.  We have talents, skills and abilities to employ for the Kingdom.  The path forward is first of all Christ focused.  Second, as we head in the direction of our Father's Kingdom, along the way we are employing all the tools in our arsenal which are many.  We pray, we fast, we stand in agreement, we bind the enemy.  We pray protection over things we want and need and pray restraint over all the agendas, narratives, strongholds and whatever else the enemy is doing.

At this point we are well aware of what the enemy is trying to accomplish.  Surprise, they are trying to kill, steal and destroy.  We can spend less than 1% of our time acknowledging what the enemy is doing and the other 99% of the time on the solution which is in and through Christ.  The Lord God wants the light on down here and as long as we are on this earth-that is our job to do:

Matt 5:14

You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.

When the lights turn on, the darkness has no choice but to flee.  Its worldly and spiritual physics 101.

James 4:7

Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

Now is not the time to hit the snooze button and go back to sleep.  April 8 was the real deal.  Every peaceful day the world enjoys (relatively speaking) is due to the light and life the exists in the Spirit of the Lord and is delivered through the Church which is us-the body of believers.  The Lord God expects us to begin the pursuit of the highest/best versions of ourselves across the board.  That means stick a fork in traditional churchianity to put our eyes squarely on the promises and power we find in the Word of God which this world desperately needs.

The heavy lifting in the Kingdom will not and has not been done by the so called "experts" or the "spiritual special" people.  It will be done through the "ordinary" mountain moving, dead raising, water to wine changing believers that are you and me:

John 14:12

Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.

This greatly upsets the nicolaitan (nico-conquer laitan-you and me) class because it eviscerates their kingdom building, their monuments to men, their idolatrous cults of personality, the siphoning of wealth from the sheep etc etc.  Bottom line-they dont like it.  Too bad for them, the Lord has moved on and if they do not change they will get left in the dust.

So, to sum up we need to refocus on the Lord and the path forward.  That path for us in a path of solutions.  Yes, we understand that adversity is part of the process but we need to focus and refocus on the solutions that have been laid out for us.  This world is looking for light and life in a world full of darkness.  We must be that light and life which requires us to be full to overflowing with the Spirit of the Living God which means we need to get right and stay right with Him.  This is not complicated but not necessarily easy either.  Thanks be to the Lord God for delivering a message of hope when we need it the most.

We know what we need to do, lets get after it.

Glory to God

grace and peace