Thursday, April 04, 2024

The Great Deception

 Does this sound like the narcissist psychopaths in their right mind to you?  When "they" know from their attempted scamdemic geno-cide and two (s)election steals (2020 and 2022 midterms) and nobody lifted a finger in opposition.  Why not steal it again?  They know for a fact nobody will be riding to the rescue.  Or, they mentioned "decarbonizing" the orange man-again-they know nobody will lift a finger.  But now we are to believe they have arrived at "aww shucks, I guess they are going to beat us fair and square lets just throw in the towel!"  Really?

How about "they" have been given their new marching orders and orange man bad is now orange man good for the establishment and to complete the judgements coming to this world.  We have to remember, all of this stuff has been allowed as an act of mercy before things get really really bad.  We have had a front row seat to the pshychotic psychopaths attempted mass murder, and every other crime under the sun so we know full well what "let's kick God out of everything" really looks like.

Orange man's fan club boasts as its most fervent supporters:

#1-Jews who have no interest in Jesus Christ but are eagerly awaiting a false Christ.


#2-Apostate Christianity's all star cast of apostate preachers and teachers who by the way are a primary reason for the deep darkness that is over the world now.


#3-Apostate Christianity's "lay people" who have accepted the Nico (conquer)-laitan (laity) system and are doing all of the nothing they can do to live up to their name.

Wow brother D, that sounds pretty harsh-are you sure about this ^^^?  Light drives out darkness 100% of the time.  If all the so called Christians were actually generating light, this world would not be standing on the edge of the abyss right now.

And remember this:

1 Peter 4:17

17 For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?

The nobody who writes to you today has been pestering the Lord about which way this is going to go?  Do we get more time?  Is the Church out of here?  As of today your servant believes it is undecided.  This nobody continues to stand in the gap with whoever is willing to stand for this nation before it is destroyed.  The "why?" we should do this is for the sake of repentance, revival and righteousness as well as the souls that will be saved (some of them personal to this writer) and last but not least to see the enemy get smoked after all the damage they have done.

We have gone for years with a long on the problems and short on answers approach.  Now, in this window of time the Lord has smacked us right between the eyes with an all answer approach and if we do not get this done it will be shame on us and nobody else.  Right now, it is believers alone that determine which side of the scales will prevail.  The Lord God told us very clearly what will happen if His people called by His name do what is right and come back to Him with their whole heart.  The enemy has no say in that process and if we do the right thing the enemy will get monkey hammered with no possible escape.

We are about to find out what the believers in this world have decided.  Its not just America, its praying believers all of the world uniting (or not) and exerting spiritual power:

1 Cor 4:20 For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.

Glory to God

grace and peace