Monday, April 08, 2024

The End of One Thing, The Beginning of Another

 The X over America cross-roads was an indication for us that the end of one path and the beginning of a new one has arrived.  The eclipse may be over but rest assured the repentance, revival and righteousness (for some) are just beginning.  The old way of playing Churchianity is over-one way or another.  If you havent noticed the steepled buildings with people pontificating to the sheep one or two days per week are all dying.  Why?  No life.  No presence of the Lord and no power of the Lord.  

Read your Bible, specifically the book of Revelation.  All that Churchianity nonsense gets "fixed."  In the end we are looking at a separation of sheep from goats and light from darkness.  Also in case anyone was wondering, yes that eclipse and all that surrounds it were and are a God-thing.  It wasnt an internet imagination, this one is for real.  All the people who are running around telling us its "just another eclipse" and "the Church is fine" are seriously delusional (being kind).  The same people would tell us when we are reading a verse from the Bible "you have to put it in context."  Great, agreed but how about this eclipse aka signs in the heavens?  We don't need to put that in context as well?  In other words an X over America when America was living godly and righteous would be one context.  An X over America where the nation is in over its head with sexual perversion, lies, fraud, greed, murder and evil of every other kind is an entirely different context.  America finds hersself in the latter camp, not the former.  So put that in context...

One way or another, things get fixed and things get changed.  Dont take this nobodys word for it read your Bible.  The Lord God is actively at work and only the spiritually comatose do not see and understand what is taking place around us today.  The ancient world (without facebook, tic tok or Al Gore) would have seen and taken this all deadly serious.  Such is the story of Nineveh, which if we dont get this right will be used to condemn this generation just as it is written.

We need to be ready for everything and anything.  Rapture?  Maybe.  Tribulation?  Maybe.  "The" tribulation?  Maybe again.  We have been put on notice that the clock is ticking and the Lord is taking notes.  The X was formal notice to all of us that playtime and Churchianity's potluck Christianity are coming to an end (thank God).  What is required from believers going forward is the real deal.  There is no place for "lay people" anymore.  We "ordinary" believers are the miracle workers.  We are the mountain movers, the dead raisers and the water to wine changers:

John 14:12

Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.

The so called spiritual "expert" class has been weighed in the balance and found wanting.  The proof of their abject failure is all around us.  This world has "churches" dotting every corner of every community and yet the land is oppressed by deep darkness.  That is proof positive for the absence of light.  Light drives out darkness every time without fail.

Each and every believer has been given gifts to serve the Kingdom-which is again a condemnation of the nico-laitan pastoral/priestly conquer the laity system that has existed for too long.  Read Matt 25, the parable of the talents.  If you think the Spirit of the Lord was talking about banking and finance there you missed the whole point.  He is pointing to our talents, gifts and abilities to serve the Kingdom.  What have we been given?  We need to be using it.  No more "lay people" period...

It is game time.  It is show time, and we all have a part to play.  If you havent noticed the enemy is playing for keeps (attempted genocide, fraud, theft, enslavement, enforced poverty, etc etc)  "They" are attacking on all fronts 24/7 and they are doing it right now.  Which brings us back to the point that one way or another something or another has to give.

The Lord has set us up for success by warning us in advance of all these things. It has been love and mercy that brought us to this point where the Restrainer is still alive and well on planet earth in spite of how far the enemy has been allowed to advance.  Each one of us has the day to center ourselves in the will of God and try to please Him in every way.  Not one of us has a guarantee that we will see tomorrow which means we have to make some kind of progress each and every day. 

We are on the clock now.  The time that we have ahead of us that has any semblance of normalcy to it is all a gift from God for a purpose.  The purpose is to repent, revive, stand in righteousness and do our job/use our talents to serve His Kingdom.

The X over America was and is a warning which was given in love and mercy.  We who see and understand need to proceed accordingly.  The Lord our God is very good.

Glory to God

grace and peace