Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where is the Rapture? Where is the Tribulation?

Have you ever wondered how things in the world could stay so messed up for so long without everything turning upside down? Not so many years ago had we been able to peer into the future (to today) and take snapshots of what's going on in the world economically we would likely think its armageddon, but its not. Why not?

The Lord and the Lord alone sets the timing of things. The Lord has a day and hour in mind for everything that's going to happen in this world, especially the prophetic events we know are coming according to our Lord's word. It doesn't matter that Satan and the people who serve him have been trying to induce the "end time" before its time. Satan and his servants are just as dependant on the Lord's timing as we are. All creation waits on the Creator, period.

Since all creation must wait and see what the Creator does, doesn't it seem wise to keep our eyes on the Creator who is our Lord and master? It does not matter what happens in this world, our answer is "in him." This will especially be true for those who go through the time of Jacob's trouble. The things that they will see on this earth will make men's hearts melt for fear, but we are told not to fear or even be anxious about anything.

What does this all mean? The Lord has been feeding me a steady diet of himself for months now. He put me on a news diet and now I'm to the point where thinking about checking some websites I used to browse almost makes me sick inside. Our minds and hearts and spirits must be locked on Jesus. He is our portion our safety, our peace, our refuge, our source to get everything we want or need, he is everything to us.

Both the escape from all (Luke 21:36), also known as the rapture and the time of Jacob's trouble are all ahead of us. We must be found worthy of the escape from all that is coming and those who will be left to face the time of Jacob's trouble will need to be deeply rooted "in Christ" to both live and die well for Jesus. The moral of the story? We need more of Jesus for everything that is happening today and everything that will happen in the days to come.

The worse things get on earth, the more we need our Lord. The time to get rooted and built up in Jesus is today, not when all hell breaks loose. The Lord is speaking a message of grace and peace and encouragement to me and you today. The world mistakes our Lord's kindness and gentleness for weakness but how very wrong they are to think that way. Our God has things in store for this world (read the book of Revelation) that will show people how very "not weak" he is.

Regardless of how a person fits into the end time scenario, whether they escape from all or not, they will need to learn to praise the Lord always, and to meditate on his promises day and night. Those things are at the very heart of what I hear the Spirit saying these days. The Lord does not think the way men think. How unlike the world it is for a people to see terrors and calamity all around them yet have lips overflowing with praise for their God, continually glorifying him.

We must be sons of God and the word says the sons of God are those who are led by the Spirit of God:

Romans 8:14 because those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.

Wherever he leads we must follow. It appears to me that today he is leading us into the ark, into the fortress, into the refuge, under the shadow of his wings, in short ....deeper into himself. Let the world fade away around you and dive deeper into Jesus...that's the message. We are in the world but we are not of the world. Diving deeper in Jesus does not mean hiding in some cave somewhere , far from it, it means sitting like a light or candle on a hill giving light to the area around you.

We are witnesses and ambassadors of the kingdom of heaven as long as we walk this earth so lets walk and talk in a manner befitting who we are "in Christ." Let us bring glory to our Lord and master who is so deserving of the worship and glory and praise that is due him. Keep the faith, be strong, ask, seek, knock, be anxious for nothing.....grace and peace