Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Be Ready For the Lord's Return

I have had some internal fighting over this and finally gave in. We know that the Lord can come back for us at any time. That means any day. There are no special days, no feast days etc over the next 30-60 days however I am increasing my personal level of readiness for the Lord's return.

You have seen it written here that we must be patient and have great endurance to wait another 30 years or more if need be. It has also been written here that we must be watching and ready daily for the Lord's return any day now. It is written here because these things are written clearly in the Word of our Lord. This "be ready to wait forever and be ready to leave today" task we have been given is difficult, no doubt but it is what we must do.

That brings us to right now. I do not know times and dates. The Lord has not revealed to me a day of His return however my insides have been in turmoil over not saying anything and resisting this "push" or whatever else we might want to call this internal pressure within me to get ready right now for the Lord's return. As a watchman, I have now seen enough to spark action on my part. What action? We know we should be ready every day so what else are you going to do brother D? I'm going to step up my preparedness and watchfulness over this month and next month (60 days).

We have been tracking earthquakes here and sometime over the next 60 days, I expect (if there is an incoming destroyer) to see one or more massive quakes. I don't know if there is a destroyer inbound for sure yet but the evidence sure does seem to point in that direction so far. Not only that, but looking at the spiritual condition of the world, the removal of restraint (9/11 , NDAA bill passed, etc) , the weird weather )mid-60's today along mid-atlantic U.S.), some personal things the Lord has done to help prepare myself for His arrival that surprised me, massive animal deaths, wars and rumors of wars, weird animal migration patterns, it appears to me that we have hit a new threshold of business is not anywhere close to usual anymore.

I have been resisting writing this post and embracing this idea and I have felt miserable. Now that I am writing this and embracing this idea I feel a release of internal pressure. What idea? Over the next 60 days, step up your watching and readiness. Am I predicting the Lord's return? No, no and no again. Could He indeed return any day now? Yes, yes and yes again. So why increase our watchfulness and readiness right now?

If you look up at the sky and see storm clouds moving your way, would it be wise for you to have your umbrella and rain gear ready? Yes. No difference there from what we are doing here, storm clouds are moving in so what should we do?

What is increased readiness for me? Make an extra effort to do the things I already know I should be doing. Specifically I will make more time for prayer and bible reading. We "watch" through prayer and our readiness comes from the Word of God (gospel of peace Eph 6). So to be watching and ready means we are constantly in prayer and reading our bibles. Its that simple.

Now, as we are praying and staying in the Word if we sense the Lords instruction for us to clean up and area of our lives, we need to get on it immediately. We need to be found doing those things wise servants and wise virgins (Matt 25) do. The Lord has been highlighting Matt 24 and Matt 25 to me for a long time now.

Three places stand out to me in the Bible today (Luke 17, Luke 21, and Matt 25). If you want to know where we are at in time today, read those chapters and think deeply about them.

Pray without ceasing, stay in the Word of God. Obey the command the Master gave us to pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all thats about to happen and stand before Him. Pray also for all the brothers and your family.

Now I have it off my chest. I am not predicting anything, but I am preparing for a time that at least from outward appearances seems to have trouble and opportunity written all over it. If the next 60 days passes business as usual then great, we continue to wait patiently. Great patience and endurance will never fail us.

grace and peace