Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Couple Thoughts-Edit 2

Some recent thoughts here from conversations with the Lord:

(edit 2 at end of post)

1. Everything the Lord does has been and will be counterfeited by Satan and his minions. So what? So along the entire way through the seventieth week of Daniel people will never be completely sure whether they are seeing the wrath of God or a counterfeit. Example? HAARP. We are seeing tremendous earthquake activity, we are hearing strange sounds from the heavens etc and people wonder "are we being setup by some manmade hoax or are we seeing genuine signs." I now believe that HAARP and "project blue beam" and everything of this nature are PsyOps/lies/deceit/misdirection plays (they probably exist but only with enough form to cause doubt) against the people of the world to place doubt in their minds of whether what they are seeing in the world is real. Remember, HAARP doesn't have to work to achieve "their" goals. All they have to do is create the thought that it might work for the PsyOp (lie/deception) to be successful.

Bottom line: Use your spiritual discernment, take the signs seriously. Remember that if there is a counterfeit in play, it is there to misdirect you from the real thing, which is partial evidence of the presence of the real thing. The Lord told us to be patient and watching, He knew before all this started what we would be facing.

2. We may not know what we thought we knew about how the seventieth week of Daniel will play out. For example, take Revelation 6 with its six seals:

-could seal 1 have already been opened and the anti-christ has been revealed? Its possible (Obama?), all I am asking is "is it possible?" not is it probable or are we sure etc, just is it possible...Yes. Has he been indwelt fully by Satan yet? Not likely. Does he meet all the requirements to be AC? So far he is the leading candidate on this writers list.

-could seal 2 have already opened "Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace from the earth and to make men slay each other"

Do we see men slaying each other around the world today? Yes, is it possible that seal 2 has been opened? Yes.

The third seal is famine, are people starving to death today? Yes. Are the weather patterns and gas prices going through the roof again working together to cause more and more people to die of famine? Yes. Is it possible that although the fulness of this seal has not been seen yet, the seal has been opened? Yes

The fourth seal is death and 1/4 of the earth given to its hand. This has always been a hangup for me, but I see it in a new light today. Death does not have to take you today for its seed to be working within you. Remember the pale rider, riding through the Egypt revolution last year? Remember the mass oceanic and atmospheric poisoning of the earth resulting from Fukushima (which has not been cleaned up to this day)? The poisoning of land sea and air is here and now. Fluoride is in the water, chemtrails in the air, radiation and millions of gallons of pollution from the BP disaster have poisoned the oceans, what does this all add up to? Death...the seeds have been planted, the fruit has not ripened yet, could the fourth seal have already been opened? YES

Fifth seal, martyred souls under the alter in heaven crying out to the Lord. Yes or no question here, has an untold army of Christians already been martyred all around the world for the Lord's work? Yes or no? YES, in the most remote parts of the world to the cities of the largest countries the Lord's servants have been martyred for Him. Could the fifth seal have been opened? YES

This leads me to the sixth seal. The Lord gives his servants various pieces of the picture but not all the picture goes to one servant. This servant has been looking up and dialed in to the earth changes, specifically earthquakes which warn us of coming judgement. As we scan through the book of Revelation where do we see the first mention of large earthquakes? Revelation 6 and Revelation 8. What is it that this writer has been expecting sometime late this month or next month? A (more than one?) very large earthquake. A very large quake that would be catastrophic in nature seem to point us where in the Revelation chapters? Rev 6-seal 6 and Rev 8:4.

What does this mean? I'm not entirely sure. We saw Revelation 12 play itself to the letter this past fall in the heavens, what does that mean? What this all says to this writer is we do not know quite what we thought we knew about the details of how the seventieth week will play itself out.

Where does that leave us? With signs all around us, BE READY to meet the Lord any day now. Time may be shorter than any of us imagine.

grace and peace

(Edit 2-does any of this ^^ change my thoughts on the escape from all/rapture? Not one bit. When did Noah enter the ark? Before the flood. Have we seen "the flood" yet? No. If the seals discussed today have been opened, then it appears the worst/flood events/growth from seed to fruit does not appear until later. When will we enter our Ark? Before the flood just like Noah.

Does it surprise you that until it is just about upon us, none of us really knew what exactly to expect? It does not surprise me. This requires an open heart/mind/spirit to admit that we did not really know what we thought we knew. It also requires humility. This writer does not care about being right for being right's sake. He does care that you and I know the truth as the Lord would have us know it.)