Saturday, January 12, 2013

Another Prediction Fulfilled: Hundreds of Thousands of Dead Fish Wash Up...

story here.

Predicted last year here.

Is predicting this stuff special?  Not when you see it new year, after new year, after new year and the media ignores it or explains it away with nonsense.  They should be raising the alarm but instead they are complicit in what's about to happen because of their silence.

Is it normal for Hundreds of thousands or more fish to die around new year every new year?  No, but its becoming normal.
Is it normal for thousands of birds to fall dead from the sky after new year, year after year after year?  No, but its becoming normal.
Is it normal for people to hear weird sounds from the sky and feel their house vibrate from Jan-March every year?  No, but its becoming normal.

And the list of questions and answers go on but who is listening or who really cares?  If people enjoy living, they should care.

The signs that were predicted are are now being fulfilled are undeniable evidence of the approach of the destroyer.  What is the destroyer?  Who knows, and who cares what we call it.  What matters is the undeniable evidence of coming destruction seen all around us.

What the Bible said will happen, will happen.  When is anyone's guess.  What should a people be doing when they see the approach of destruction?  Perhaps they should call on their God and seek shelter in His presence.

grace and peace