Monday, January 14, 2013

January 2013, Record Heat and Record Cold

While California and Arizona are frozen solid (-20 degrees f in the grand canyon!), Australia is experiencing record heat.  How hot is it in Australia?  The roads are melting....Australia is no stranger to heat so to experience something like this is truly special.

links here:

California Cold Hits Record Low Temperatures

Australia experiencing record-breaking heat and wildfires

So what you ask?  Breaking records is one thing, melting roads is another.  Do you think someone somewhere is trying to get our attention?

What are the broken seals in Revelation 6 about?  How about the trumpets and the vials?  What is all that judgement and wrath about?  Sin?  Yea.  Disobedience?  Yea, but its more than that.  How about its a last chance for mankind to wake up and pay attention to the Creator.  What does the Creator have to say?  Shouldn't that matter?

Do you ever wonder what it will take to wake people out of their slumber?  While birds and fish fall dead by the millions, ponds freeze in Phoenix, Arizona and roads melt in Australia, while earthquakes rip the earth apart in greater and more frequent ferocity, do you ever wonder when people will snap out of the slumber and say "hey, something not advertised on CNN is going on here!"

This brother has been given the task of warning those who will listen.  Specifically this brother was sent to people who are already believers but need some extra prodding to get to that place the Lord would have them.  The Lord continually prods me, and I thank Him for that.

6 days till coronation/inauguration day.  Internal impressions lead me to believe that day or the days around that day will be special.  We shall see if there are any outward signs that confirm this suspicion.

Keep the faith, please remember to pray for all the family that is in Christ Jesus.

grace and peace