Monday, September 16, 2013

Another Sinkhole, 35 ft deep and 3 comets this fall

sinkhole link.  According to the weather channel these sinkholes happened all the time in the past we just didn't realize it?  I guess they think we all have the IQ of a piece of drywall..

3 comets this fall.

The 'experts' have no idea what comets are or what they do.  This fall 3 of them will be in our skies, and all this just before the first blood moon of the lunar tetrad falling on the Lord's days in 2014-2015.

There is all kinds of talk about what comet ISON is or is not but I submit to you that it just has to be a plain old mysterious comet to be special as are all other comets.  When researchers go back in history to discover what caused extinction events, or what caused the tunguska event they come back time and again to comets.  They do not know what comets are or what they do, and for that reason we can discount their constant debunking as hollow rhetoric.  Their discredit starts with their definition of comets as 'dirty snowballs.'  How does a dirty snowball survive million degree heat from the sun then re-emerge larger coming out than when it went in (comet lovejoy).  And it just goes downhill from there.

Suffice it to say that the book of Revelation provides 100% solid evidence that destruction is coming to this earth from above our heads.  How it happens is up for debate but we know for a fact it is coming.  Now we are told that not 1 but 3 comets will be in our night skies this fall/winter.  What will happen?  Who knows but we know that the 'experts' dont know either, or if they do know they are not telling.  We do have the powers that be giving us clues of what we already know is coming.

When all these things begin to happen, look up....

grace and peace