Wednesday, September 25, 2013

M7.7 Pakistan and M7 Peru, Back to Back Days Very Large Earthquakes

M7.7 Pakistan 

M7 Peru

Its not your imagination, something is seriously wrong.  What is on the way toward us right now?  Comet ISON.  What have we seen two days in a row?  Very large earthquakes.  These earthquakes are evidence, not someone's opinion or some kind of speculation.  We have seen repeated warnings about 10/1/2013 and beyond.  We have heard with out own ears Secretary Janet Napolitano's words that an unprecedented natural disaster was coming.

Our real proof is what is written in Revelation 6 and Revelation 8.  What should we do?  Pray, be right with the Lord, stock up on short term preparedness items.  And, maybe warn others of what appears to be headed our way.  Comet ISON may not be 'the' destroyer but it may be 'a' destroyer.  What do I mean?  This.  We have been assured by NASA and the 'experts' that ISON poses no threat whatsoever to earth, where have we heard that before?  Oh, yea, the day that asteroid DA14 "posed no threat to earth" and had "zero chance" of hitting us.  That's right, I remember now...

So just like Comet ISON has 'zero chance' of adversely affecting the earth (tell that to the people of Pakistan and Peru yesterday and today), and asteroid DA14 had zero chance of hitting the earth (tell that to the people of Russia), we should be very very skeptical of what the 'experts' tell us.  Whenever they tell you don't worry, be very worried.  The "experts" have a ZERO percent track record, yes ZERO at giving us a heads up on the things that really matter, so should we listen to them?

They are counting on people living with their heads in the sand until it is too late for them to do anything.  The moment a space rock impacts the earth is the wrong time to get right with the Lord, or buy some extra food and gasoline, or tell loved one you love them, etc etc.  Today is the day to do those things.  The 'eperts' would deny all of us that chance if it were left in their power to do so, but we have been warned.  The earth is shaking and quaking beneath our very feet, we are being warned.  Today is the day to do what we need to do.

grace and peace