Sunday, September 01, 2013

More Evidence of the Approach of the Destroyer

Thank you brother Lee for this article.

These space rocks are coming from somewhere, and they just keep coming.  Read Revelation 8, we are certain there are many more flaming rocks headed toward earth.

Here is some evidence you may not have thought about:  Fukushima.  According to this article the entire Pacific Ocean will be radioactively poisoned in 6 years (its already been over 2 years) so less than 4 years till complete contamination.  How is this evidence for the approach of the destroyer?

Have you ever wondered why the governments of the world have not insisted on intervening in the Fukushima disaster?  The Japanese have turned away offers of Russian assistance but why have we (the U.S.) and other governments not insisted by force that Japan will accept international help?  The United States and Russia and China all know that Fukushima is polluting the entire planet, so why would they sit back and allow Japan to falter?

The only reasonable explanation is they know an extinction level event is coming, that would undo any fix made to Fukushima.  They know that when the pole shift occurs many other reactors will melt down as well.  Think really hard about it.  There is one and only one reasonable explanation for allowing the worst nuclear disaster in world history to spread radioactive death unabated.

In less than 4 years the entire Pacific will be radioactive, all of it.  What does that mean for shipping and transportation?  All the ships that travel the Pacific will be contaminated and who will want to sail ships in the Pacific if they float on a pool of radioactive water?  What happens to seafood?  Who will want to eat any of it from any ocean once the Pacific is glowing like a light bulb?  Think about the implications and you will understand what the powers that be already understand, the clock is ticking.  They know the destroyer is inbound and what they have failed to do regarding Fukushima is proof positive of it.

If you want an idea of how short time really is look at that nuclear disaster in Japan that is already the world's problem.  One particle of hot material the size of a pin head, if you ingest it, will put you in your grave decades ahead of time.  Time is indeed short and the indicators are everywhere.

If the Lord does not come soon, there will be no souls left to play out the end time drama we know is ahead of us.

grace and peace