Tuesday, February 19, 2008

An Appeal to Those Who Have Turned Away

The number one thing I tell people who think they have experienced Christianity then turned away from it is this: there is a VERY high probability that what you thought was Christianity was a lie, a deception, an imposter. The vast majority of what calls itself christianity today is in full scale apostacy, full scale idolatry. Todays so called christianity is a harlot, a daughter of the master prostitute, the church of Rome. You WERE RIGHT to turn away from the lie, the distaste in your mouth from what you experienced was guiding you wisely. That said, instead of trusting men with your spiritual future, why not trust the Creator with it? I appeal to the lost and searching to pick up a bible like a (NIV) which I have some problems with but that's another story, at least you can understand it. Start in the books of proverbs, psalms and Romans. Read it for yourselves. There will be nobody else around to answer for each of us when we give an account of our lives to the Creator. We will give an account for ourselves. Please don't give up on Jesus, the REAL Jesus does satisfy the empty hole within you. That hollow space in your heart has a "reserved" sign on it, it's reserved for the Master, the Creator of all things, search for Him with an honest and humble heart and you will find Him, don't give up. Grace and Peace.