Monday, February 25, 2008

So Called Pastors with Doctorate Degrees

The world is very impressed with degrees. "Oh, he has a DOCTORATE degree, he must REALLY know what he's talking about when he talks about God.." So let me get this straight, these men go to worldly institutions to receive worldly degrees and all of the sudden they know God better? Last time I checked none of the apostles were "christian scholars" no degrees in that bunch, perhaps we should throw all their writings to the wind. But wait, there's one "small" detail we forgot to mention about the apostles, they were FILLED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT....hmmm, no degree, but filled with the Spirit of God....there's a BIG lesson in there somewhere..

When you surf the web you'll see so called christianity debating amongst itself and others. Almost always the topic goes to what "christian scholars" have to say about the given subject. Christian who? The question that demolishes the "christian scholar" issue is this: how does a man grow closer to God and come to understand God's word, through endless "scholarly" endeavor, degrees etc OR by revelation from the Spirit of God? Who has the upper hand here, the man who spends X number of years at some institution getting a degree or the man on his knees in the presence of the Holy Spirit with a bible under his nose?

What "christian scholarship" does is perpetuate the nicolaitan system of clergy/laity which Jesus clearly says HE HATES. So much for those doctorate degrees....