Monday, February 18, 2008

The Universe vs. The Christian God

I've been reading alot lately about the belief that "the universe" provides what people need. For example, the popular movie/book "the secret" tells us that all you have to do is stay focused on what you want and "the universe" will provide it magically. Many criticize christians for believing in an all powerful God. We pray to this all powerful God, who we have a personal 1 on 1 relationship, and this God answers our prayers based on His will and His knowledge of our needs. It does still take "faith" to believe in this God, and this faith is the subject of continual scorn among atheist groups and those who hate christianity. Let me ask this, which takes more faith, to believe "the universe" is going to provide something for me, or to believe that the Creator of the universe is going to provide something for me. It is my opinion, that it takes ALOT more faith to believe "the universe" will provide something for me, just like it takes alot more faith to believe that all created life somehow "evolved" from a single celled blob on a beach somewhere into the incredibly magnificent human beings that walk the earth today. I appeal to those who believe that "the universe" will provide them with their needs to look to the Creator of the universe instead. Grace and Peace