Friday, March 14, 2008

The Blessing of Bad Days

I heard some talking head on the news last night say that today we are facing the worst macro-economic environment since the great depression. If that were'nt bad enough, this world is also facing famine, WW3, natural disasters on an unprecedented scale, killer diseases and soon, the depopulation of billions of people. What could be good about all that?

When things are going well, most people forget about the Creator. People only tend to turn to their Maker when they need help. In days like today, if a person is not totally blind, then the bad news around us everyday "should" cause men to lean more on their Creator. In the end, that's all that counts anyway, us and Him. Jesus and the Father ARE our treasure in heaven, they are our joy, our hope, our peace, our wealth, our EVERYTHING. Heaven would not be heaven if Jesus was not there. It is a blessing to have the ominous events circling us every day these days, but it's only a blessing for those who see this world's demise as motivation to seek the Creator. Most don't, will you? Ask, Seek, Knock, then do it again, and again :-) Grace and Peace