Monday, March 03, 2008

More Criticism of Zeitgeist-The Movie

The Movie starts out with some guy telling us that all we should concern ourselves with is "the now." We should'nt concern ourselves with the past or the future, just live in "the now." Right, just like an animal....animals don't live in the past or the future. We have this funny God given ability to think about future CONSEQUENCES for current actions, but Zeitgeist would advise you not to worry about those, just live for today! How about learning from past mistakes? Don't think about those either. We can only live in the present, that much is true, but we are not dogs or donkeys, or rabbits, WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS. We can't live in the future but we can sure weigh the future consequences of our actions today.

The attack on Christianity in this movie then moves onto "the sun" as a historical object of worship for many of the world's religions, and the stars. The zodiac is then introduced, which has the sun at the center of it, with a "cross" going through the sun. Which has the 12 signs of the zodiac in it, the equinoxes and other stuff. The constellations were then personified or anthropomorphized. Then Zeitgeist hammers in an abrupt observation calling the sun, "God's son," a very clever play on words, but tell me, how does the word "sun" all of the sudden become SON? I guess that play on words works in English language but how clever does it sound in say Spanish? Does "sol" sound like "hijo", one means sun the other means son. Zeitgeist implies the equivalence of sun and son, but on what basis? Because they sound similar in the English language?

The bible very clearly warns NOT to worship the creation....This is an error of monumental significance that Zeitgeist treats it as a casual observation.

Next Zeitgeist mentions "horus" the sun god...notice nothing said about SON OF they observe that dark versus light is a theme woven throughout all religions (which proves what?) Horus was born on Dec 25th , and next Horus was born of the virgin ISIS, birth accompanied by a star in the east, upon his birth he was adored by 3 kings, at 12 he was a child teacher, at 30 he was baptised by someone known as ANUP? horus had 12 disciples performing miracles like healing the sick, he was knows as the truth the light, the lamb of God and many others, after being betrayed by typhon he was crucified died buried for 3 days then resurrected, next was ATTIS of phrygia, krishna of india, dionysus-king of kings, alpha and omega, mithra of persia-sunday worship, then they parade a list of maybe a hundred other 'gods' that supposedly share these similarities. Then they mention that the most recent of the "solar messiah's" was Jesus.

Let's stop right there. First of all The earliest recorded manuscripts of the story of Horus came from the 11th century AD. How much of the Horus story was doctored to match the story of Jesus during those centuries? The same people who would argue that the bible cannot be trusted because it was written by men, will then spin 180 degrees on the same fact and say, but YOU CAN TRUST THE STORY OF HORUS, how very very convenient, wouldn't you say? Also, if I had 5 brothers, and we were all born on the same day, we shared the same friends and interests until the time we left home, what would that prove about ME? Nothing, absolutely NOTHING. Zeitgeist lays out highly questionable "facts" about similarities with Jesus's life. Like for example, nowhere in the bible will you see that Jesus was born on Dec 25th, IT'S NOT IN THERE. Paganized christianity celebrates pagan holiday's like Easter and Christmas, but what does that prove about BIBLICAL TRUE CHRISTIANITY? Nothing...absolutely NOTHING. The bible proves that there are irreconcilable differences between all the religions mentioned in Zeitgeist and the worship of THE CREATOR, aka Jesus Christ. The Egyptians worshipped the creation, we worship the CREATOR, of course Zeitgeist conveniently omits that 'little' fact, why? Why doesn't Zeitgeist mention all the million and one substantial DIFFERENCES between worshipping Jesus and those other 'gods.' Satan has created nothing, he can only imitate what the creator does. He has been a liar and a thief from the beginning. According to Zeitgeist, Horus had his butt kicked every night by Set, his opposite/rival. Good luck finding any material in the bible suggesting that Satan has had any victories over Jesus or His Father. In fact, what Satan thought was his greatest victory (crucifying Jesus) was actually his ultimate undoing.

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