Sunday, March 02, 2008

Pastors=Idolatrous Intermediaries

There was a time when intermediaries were necessary between men and God. At that time, the Levitical priests performed that intermediary service. The moment the New Covenant took effect, the only intermediary between men and God was Jesus, the Son of God. There is no longer any need for any clerical class to stand before God on behalf of men, that function is performed by our High Priest, Jesus. Today's pastoral system keeps men bound to an intermediary system that was abolished thousands of years ago. It is idolatrous because men take on the mantle of the Son of God once they enter into this clergy/laity system. These so called pastors say they are'nt acting as intermediaries, but their actions speak ten thousand times louder than their words. Every Sunday they get up on their raised platforms and tell the sheeple what's on God's mind right? As if the sheep don't have access 24/7 on their own to find out what's on God's mind? These so called pastors walk around as one man shows, they teach, they preach, they "heal", they counsel, the prophesy, they DO IT ALL! Kind of like.....JESUS. Last time I checked my bible, different gifts were given to different members of the body. A great reason for that is it prevents PRIDE, ARROGANCE, and FALSE PROPHETS from taking over the church. The pastoral system enables every heresy and false doctrine under the sun to enter the churches unabated through their "one man show" idolatrous practice. Don't listen to what these wolves SAY, WATCH WHAT THEY DO. What they do is usurp Christ Jesus's position as head of the church and it's only leader.

Some would say, "but pastors do alot of 'good' as well....Guess what, hardcore satanists do alot of what they world considers 'good' as well, so what?

they argue again "pastors teach and speak alot of truth" ....great, so did satan. Satan QUOTED THE BIBLE when he was tempting argument please?

If I offered you a plate of food that was 99.9% wholesome, good food, but I sprinkled .1% cyanide over it, would you eat it? No, you would'nt. If apostate christianity is "mostly good" but has a liberal dose of poison sprinkled all over it, would you still participate in it? YES, most do. If that's not insane I don't know what is. Wake up! Come out of the babylonian system of churchianity you've been sold your entire life. The only call of God you'll get in the belly of the beast relgious system of this world is to COME OUT OF IT. The truth WILL set you free, if you really want it, most don't.....Grace and Peace