Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Everything Business As Usual? Go Back to Sleep?

I think not...

Evidence, evidence and more evidence is stacking up yet most people are in violent denial. What is the latest evidence? Watch this:

This ^^ is objective evidence. It is a data point. What 'they' don't want you to do is put the evidence together to form a coherent picture. 'They' play this game called "treat everything as an isolated incident." An analyst pieces together information looking for a nexus. They do not treat evidence in isolation unless the piece absolutely does not fit the puzzle.

nex·us (nkss)
n. pl. nexus or nex·us·es
1. A means of connection; a link or tie: "this nexus between New York's . . . real-estate investors and its . . . politicians" (Wall Street Journal).
2. A connected series or group.
3. The core or center:

What kind of evidence have we seen?

Fireballs streaking through the sky toward the earth worldwide-not just NZ.

Earthquakes increasing in frequency and intensity and USGS caught red-handed manipulating the data

Volcanic activity going through the roof

Mass animal deaths starting with birds and fish and working its way up to higher order mammals like cows and horses. Forensic work shows the animals were perfectly healthy and in the prime of life when they died.

The magnetosphere flipped with the tail facing toward the sun instead of away from it. That is smoking gun evidence of the approach of this destroyer.

The poles are shifting rapidly

The earth is venting steam across the U.S. probably elsewhere-link to volcanic activity and earth core temp increasing.

Comet anomalies, lovejoy a 'dirty iceball' dives into the sun and comes streaking out the other side faster than it went in-experts 'baffled' as usual.

"magnetic fluff" that once again the 'experts' cannot explain has been discovered and we are closing with it as you read this.

Apostasy in the churches

economic collapse a heartbeat away

WW3 on the brink

Dreams and visions of catastrophic events coming to America in particular increasing among the Body of Christ

Weird weather worldwide, 2011-2012 was the year with no winter in the US

And the list goes on. Run a thread through all this objective evidence. These facts are not a figment of this writers imagination, these facts are taken from the daily news from the world around us. "Don't worry" they say, go back to sleep! This happens all the time! They tell us this while 'they' build doomsday seed vaults in Norway and continue to build underground bunkers to hide in for themselves.

I'm not the one building doomsday seed vaults. I'm not the one digging underground shelters, THEY ARE. So then, who is the nutcase conspiracy theorist?

We have a hiding place they know nothing about. We have a hiding place all the money in the world cannot buy entrance to:

Psalm 32 6Therefore let everyone who is godly pray to you

while you may be found;

surely when the mighty waters rise,

they will not reach him.

7You are my hiding place;

you will protect me from trouble

and surround me with songs of deliverance.

The Body of Christ has been reporting dreams and visions of tidal waves hitting both coasts of the U.S. Now re-read the scripture cited above....when the mighty waters rise,they will not reach him.7You are my hiding place;you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.

I cannot speak for other people, but I know this from my lifetime of walking with the Lord; this brother has walked with the Lord for 20 odd years or so and never once has He failed me. He has always protected me, He has always delivered me, He has always had me singing songs of deliverance after every trial I have been through. I cannot speak for others dreams and visions but I can tell you what the Lord has had me focused on. Noah and Lot. The escape. How many people told Noah he was a idiot for building the ark? How many religious people told Noah "we need to swim through the flood" to preach to the lost while we are treading water! Our job is not done! That's what we hear today.

The Lord told us very clearly 1. There is an escape 2. We must pray for it. That is undisputable, undeniable Biblical fact-Luke 21:36. We don't take the Word in isolation, we let the Bible interpret itself. So two more witnesses? Noah and Lot. Both "escaped all" physically in the body. That's three witnesses, one more please? sure, Rev 3:10-the church of Philadelphia will be kept from the hour of trial/temptation/testing that will come upon the entire world. That's four witnesses. Are there more? Sure, go read the 20+ posts on the right side of this blog that prove the "pre-flood" escape of the Bride. Since we mentioned it lets look at this fifth witness, the parable of the virgins in Matt 25. Do you see any tribulation for the wise virgins in Matt 25? I don't, not a hint of it. How much of the tribulation did the wise virgins endure? Zero, none.

Show me in Rev 3, the church of Philadelphia where the tribulation is when Jesus is speaking to them? See any tribulation there? Any hint of it? I don't. Can you point me to the church of Philadelphia anywhere else in the book of Revelation? Don't waste your breath telling me Jesus changed His terminology and is now calling them "the elect." He called them the Church of Philadelphia once already, why doesn't He continue calling them that if they are still around later in Revelation? He doesn't speak of them later in Revelation because THEY ARE NO LONGER ON THE EARTH.

I know, there are many today who are determined to enter and endure the tribulation. They have convinced themselves and are busy trying to convince everyone else around them that they must enter and endure the tribulation as well. Who is a man to tell another man what his destiny is? Will all die from the sword? Will all survive? Will all die of famine? Will all be beheaded? Will all be raptured? Will all see the second coming from the earth? From the heavens? Will all believers be under the alter in heaven in Revelation 6? Will all be singing the song of the redeemed around the throne in Revelation 5? One destiny does NOT fit all believers. When this brother writes to you, he is writing to you from the point of view of the faith and vision given to him. The Lord has had this brothers focus on the escape, Noah and Lot, the letters to the churches and LOOK UP now for many years.

Is the Lord preparing those who will escape all, for the escape? Is the Lord preparing those who will enter the tribulation for the tribulation? Look around you. Watch and listen to the voices you hear. Is there a chance for a person's destiny to change even at this late hour? I believe so. It seems almost criminal to me that people would believe themselves into hell on earth. It makes no sense to me whatsoever. As we believe, so we receive (Matt 8:13).
If a person doubts whether or not there is an escape from all as the Lord says, he should ask the Lord about it. I would ask the Lord for the faith to believe if there was a way out of hell on earth. But thats just me.

What is the Lord saying to the churches today? I hear Him telling me to reconnect. Spend more time in the Word and prayer. Ask, seek, knock. Times, seasons and events will change based on the prayers of the believers. Proof? Matt 24:20 Pray that your flight will not take place in winter or on the Sabbath.

Apparently the season of the flight resulting from the abomination can be changed, otherwise the Lord's statement makes no sense. Why would the Lord tell us to pray for something that could not happen?

That's all for today, keep the faith-grace and peace

This is day 15 of 77 in this brothers watch for the Bridegroom.