Sunday, April 01, 2012

Problems With "The Jonathan Kleck" Part 1

I don't know if you've heard of this guy or not, but I wanted to share my experience with him.

1. He's a guy who claims he was saved with the assistance of the angel "Michael" after praying a "hail mary."

2. He "decrypts" pictures inspired by the enemy.

3. If you question him in any way, he will block you/ban you/cut you off from further discussion.

4. If you question him in any way, he will threaten your salvation claiming that to question him is to question the Holy Spirit, a threat to your salvation. Well, in the name of the Most High God YAWEH, His Son Yeshua Jesus and His Holy Spirit with whom I am sealed I question "The Jonathan Kleck" and his story.

5. He has been asking for and will continue to ask you for money, money and more money. Sound familiar?

I asked this guy in private about my doubts and questions surrounding his salvation story and I was met with severe defensive arguments, a block from his youtube account and personal threats to myself. When I asked him about problems I have with his story, he started questioning me about sin in my life? Whoa, so let me get this straight, not only does he not answer my questions, he questions me then threatens me?

That is "The Jonathan Kleck." If you question him you will be blocked immediately, you will be interrogated about sin in your life (so he cannot answer about sin in his life) and you will be threatened with "do not question the Holy Spirit!" as if Mr. Kleck was the Holy Spirit Himself?

Another problem with Mr. Klecks story is he did not test the spirits. Who knows if "Michael" was Michael? Can demons masquerade? Yes. If the hidden pictures being decrypted by Mr Kleck were authored by evil spirits, could those same spirits guide a man to see them? Yes.

I am just asking. I asked Kleck for biblical answers to the many questions I had and his answer was to go watch over 100 of his videos, then to block me. The answer I was looking for comes from the bible and not Mr. Klecks videos, he did not provide me with one single verse of scripture to defend himself. He threatened me, questioned me, then blocked me without providing any biblical evidence in his defense.

What should we think of such a person? I am not his judge, but I do have questions about his work and who he says he is.

1 John 4:1

Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they

are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world

Does the Word say we should threaten people if they question us about our beliefs? That's what Mr Kleck does.

This post has been written by faith and as a result of the direct inspiration of the Holy Spirit. I was not going to write it, I did not want to write this post but today the Lord told me to write it so here it is.

grace and peace

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