Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tomorrow At Sundown-Feast of Trumpets 2017

Tomorrow at sundown the feast of trumpets-Rosh Hashanah begins.  Do we know if the Lord will come back for us tomorrow or at any time over this Feast of Trumpets?  No, we do not.  Will we be watching and ready if He does?  Yes, we will.

We need to be ready either way.  If He shows up, thank the Lord.  If He does not, we continue to watch and wait.

Meanwhile, this world is accelerating into decline, decay and destruction on every front.  We have been warned about what is coming.  Our job is to watch and when we are warned to take the warnings seriously.  The Lord never told us to try to predict the day He is coming.  He did tell us to continually be watching for it.

grace and peace