Monday, September 04, 2017

26 Days and Counting

The great American eclipse took place on 8/21, and 'nothing happened' right?  Nothing except the worst natural disaster in United States historyThe entire north west of the United States is on fire (with zero media coverage), another CAT 4 hurricane is inbound, and we are on the brink of war with North Korea.

And whats the kicker here?  We are still within the 40 day warning period.

Nineveh received a 40 day warning from Jonah.  What many people do not know is what happened to Nineveh before Jonah issued that warning.  What happened?  Starting at 11:11 in the video:

1. In 765 BC a plague broke out in Nineveh
2. Followed by a civil war
3. Followed by another plague

Guess what happened at the end of these ^^ troubles?  The most famous solar eclipse in the ancient world-the Bur-Sagale eclipse in 763 BC.

After all this ^^ Jonah shows up on the first day of Elul (which is when we had our great American eclipse) and he tells Nineveh they have 40 days to repent or else.  No go re-read up top what is happening to the United States. 

We are being warned.  We have 40 days (26 now) to repent.

grace and peace